OK, first, the problem with MOST "Bible Reading Plans" is that it's so hard for many of us to be disciplined enough to keep up with them, and, before you know it, we're far behind, and just give up.

Somebody (can't remember who) suggested long ago that I add "the Proverbs Reading Plan" to whatever other devotional or reading plan I may (or may not) have. I love it for its simplicity....

You look at the calendar (or your watch or iPhone) and see what day of the month it is. Today, for example, is the 2nd. So, today you would read Chapter 2 of Proverbs. Yeah, I know, there are 31 Chapters, and not all months go that far, but that's OK. If you get out of the habit, you don't have to look back to see where you stopped... just look at the date, and whatever day of the month it is, THAT'S the Chapter you read.

I have suggested this to others, and am always pleasantly surprised when I get the feedback about how they have been blessed by this.