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About Us

TheologyWeb was founded in January 2003 as the personal hobby of Dee Dee Warren, yxboom, and their cohort cirisme (who have since moved on to other endeavors). The site is maintained and owned by Sparko, Raphael, One Bad Pig, and mossrose with a group of volunteers. TheologyWeb does not exist to make a profit or promote a particular denomination or secondary view within Christianity, nor is it under the purview of any denomination or church. We firmly believe that Christianity can hold its own in the marketplace of ideas, and so welcome and encourage interaction with other points of view. Our leadership and technical teams, consisting of laypersons and leaders within various churches and those of other or no religious affiliations, hold each other in mutual accountability for the decisions of the site, whose decisions are final. With that said, Sparko's looking for dissenting volunteers to walk the plank. The owners and moderating staff are all Christians holding to TheologyWeb's Statement of Faith. Other volunteers assisting in technical administration and other areas may be atheists, agnostics, or those of other faiths. In 2013, the site suffered a catastrophic hard drive crash and we lost of all our data, so we had to start fresh at that time (we blame Jaltus). So let's party like it's 2003!