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What is the Justification for calling teenagers "Elders"?

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  • What is the Justification for calling teenagers "Elders"?

    In another thread, 7up is attempting to justify the dumb things his 'prophets' have said and done by claiming....

    Originally posted by seven7up View Post
    Every single person , except Jesus, who has ever lived has said and done things that are just plain DUMB. (This is especially true from the perspective of people in a modern society who have unlimited information at our fingertips.)
    Naturally, the first problem with that is that, if they were REALLY Prophets, and were really hearing from God -- God has (and has had) "unlimited information at His fingertips" forever.

    But it got me to thinking about the Mormon concept of "prophet", which appears to be quite less impressive than the Prophets of the Bible.

    Kinda like Mormons calling teenage boys "Elders". I'm curious what the justification was for this. Why that name, and were they (teenage boys) called "Elders" in the beginning of Mormonism?
    The first to state his case seems right until another comes and cross-examines him.

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    The best answer I've found so far comes from a source that APPEARS to be at least "Mormon Friendly", if not Mormon....


    Why do Mormons use the term “elder” for their missionaries?

    The term "Elder" actually has two (related) meanings among Latter-Day Saints: first, it's an office in the Priesthood, which all worthy male members can attain. It doesn't imply any leadership, just certain duties, responsibilities, and privileges associated with being an Elder in the Priesthood. All male missionaries must be found worthy to be ordained an Elder before leaving on their mission.

    But not all members who have been ordained an Elder go by the title of "Elder". That's used for people who are dedicated full-time to the ministry. As the Latter-Day Saints have a lay clergy, this is a fairly small group. It obviously includes the missionaries, and General Authorities of the Church (the Apostles and Seventies who preside over the Church as a whole) are also referred to as "Elder [last name]."

    As for a missionary's authority in the Church, they have no inherent position of leadership as part of their calling, though missionaries assigned to areas where the Church is still small may find themselves called to serve in the leadership of the local branch while they're there. But their primary calling is to teach the Gospel, not to administer in the affairs of the Church.

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    I'm not really seeing that as an answer.
    The first to state his case seems right until another comes and cross-examines him.


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