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Warning for Itunes users or at least those on PC.

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  • Warning for Itunes users or at least those on PC.

    the latest Itunes update will make iTunes unusable and none of the fixes that showed on the user suppor tpage worked for me I have no use of my itunes until Apple fixes what it broke.
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    -ing for a swift resolution for you and for all affected iTunes users. I know what it's like to not be able to listen to your favorite music.
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      Wow, and I nearly let iTunes update just now.


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        I don't allow iTunes near my computer.
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          Originally posted by Manwë Súlimo View Post
          Wow, and I nearly let iTunes update just now.
          glad I managed to stop someone from the frustration I had.

          thanks to a freind of mine I was able to get itunes up and running without losing my playlists. I used a third party uninstaller to complety uninstall itunes and the apple Apps hooked to it and when I couldn't get hte download for it he sent me download for xp 32 bit copy of it


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