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"Affirming care" for Minors: Data

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  • "Affirming care" for Minors: Data

    The purpose of this thread is to post data and not to squabble over whether or not these procedures should be happening. I may also post data or other source information regarding "affirming care" for minors. To this end, I kindly ask Starlight and Hypatia to refrain from derailing this thread. If anyone wishes to discuss the politics or medical ethics of "affirming care" for minors, this is not the place. If need be, I will ask for intervention.

    As a review:

    Please respect the wishes of the thread starter to keep a thread on topic when requested and do not post using all caps, this includes profiles and signatures. There may be times when a member may wish to start a thread in which he or she requests a restriction on who can post in the thread beyond the restrictions imposed by the parent forum. We ask that you honor such requests out of common courtesy. If such a request is not honored, the thread starter can request moderator intervention. If the mod team decides that the request is reasonable, then a notice will be placed in the thread to honor the OP's request. Any subsequent violations will be subject to moderation. What constitutes a reasonable request is up to the sole discretion of the moderation team.

    This data out in 2022, but it was complied from insurance data from 2017 - 2021 inclusive. The highlights are the following:
    • 14,726 minors initiated hormone treatment
    • 4,780 initiated puberty blockers.

    Furthermore from 2019 - 2021 inclusive:
    • 776 double mastectomies
    • 56 "genital surgeries" (presumably bottom surgeries)
    P1) If , then I win.


    C) I win.
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