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Dzień Dobry.

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  • Dzień Dobry.

    Hello. As I understand, this is the place for first-post introduction threads?

    I've been lurking this site some time before it crashed, but never decided to sign up, so now I correct my mistake. It's nice to be here.

    Oh and I've been wondering if there are any people from my side of the world - Central or Eastern Europe? Or did God really forsake this part of the globe?

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    Welcome aboard! I know we have at least one other member active from central Europe.
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      Welcome! Ben Zwicky posts from the Czech Republic. We had an Estonian posting for a while, but I haven't seen him lately.
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        Yeah, I'm in the Czech Republic, and have a few Polish friends, there are several in my church (Polish women with Czech husbands (and their kids) as well as some other fluent Polish-speaking Czechs who grew up near the Polish border). I'm pretty fluent in Czech, but never started learning Polish, since the Polish people I know all speak fluent Czech, English or both.
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          Polish, I thought I recognized the language of this greeting.

          I worship with people from near that part of the world. I have a couple Eastern roots among others and a great fondness for some aspects of some Eastern cultures.
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            Welcome aboard!

            Southern girl here. Ich kann etwas Deustch, but that's about it...
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              "It's evolution; every time you invent something fool-proof, the world invents a better fool."

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              I find that evolution is the best proof of God.
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