A lot of Don Juan Matus works falls in line perfectly with gnosticism. I haven't read anything in his works indicating he has knowledge on gnosticism or eastern mystical esoterics. Is such an uncanny parallel a coincidence? Especially with the number 7 again! I just posted something about how most major theological sectors are obsessed with the number 7. I didn't whether to create this thread under unorthodox 201 or neo pagan.

Don Juan talks about the 7 gates of dreaming and how each one of them is an obstacle of in itself.

1. The Toltec exposure of an alien mind or foreign installation that makes us less and other than we humanly are: comparable to the Gnostic idea of a dehumanizing ideological virus implanted in our minds by the Alien/Archons.

2. The importance for the sorcerer of mastering intent: comparable to Gnostic emphasis on ennoia, intentionality, which aligns us with the Gods and elevates us above the Archons.

3. Castaneda's emphasis on syntax (correct attributions, and the use of mental command signals for directing intent): comparable to Gnostic teaching on ennoia, mental clarity, and correct attribution (right use of definitions)

4. The Toltec assertion that predation is "the topic of topics": comparable to the Gnostic emphasis on the intrusion of the Archons. Facing intrusion is essential, because if we cannot see how we are deviated, we cannot find our true path in the cosmos.

5. The work with lucid dreaming, astral travel, projection of the double, in Gnostic circles and the Mystery Schools: comparable to many episodes in Castaneda.

6. The Toltec model of great bands of emanations that pervade the universe: comparable to the emanations or streamings from the Pleroma described in Mystery School revelation texts.

Here's the rest of the parallels between each other. https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/c...fZbPhwJeIlUAsU