Unorthodox Theology 201 Guidelines

Theists only.

This forum area is primarily for persons who would identify themselves as Christians whether or not their theology is recognized within the mainstream or as orthodox though other theists may participate with moderator permission. Therefore those that would be restricted from posting in Christianity 201 due to a disagreement with the enumerated doctrines, ie the Trinity, the Creatorship of God, the virgin birth, the bodily resurrection of Christ, the atonement, the future bodily return of Christ, the future bodily resurrection of the just and the unjust, and the final judgment may freely post here on any theological subject matter. In this case "unorthodox" is used in the strict sense of a person who denies what has been declared as universal essentials of the historic Christian faith. Examples would be adherents to Oneness, Full Preterists, Unitarian Universalist Christians, Gnostics, Liberal Christianity, Christian Science to name a few.

The second purpose will be for threads on subjects, which although the thread starter has no issue with the above doctrines, the subject matter is so very outside the bounds of normative Christian doctrine totally within the leadership's discretion that it is placed here. In so doing, no judgment or offense is intended to be placed on the belief of said person in the above-doctrines. In this case "unorthodox" is used in a much looser sense of "outside the norms" - Examples of such threads would be pro-polygamy, pro-drug use, proponents of gay Christian churches, proponents of abortion.

The third purpose is for persons who wish to have input from any and all who would claim the title of Christian even on subjects that would be considered "orthodox."

The philosophy behind this area was to recognize that there are persons who would identify themselves as Christian and thus seem out of place in the Comparative Religions Forum, but yet in keeping with our committment here to certain basic core Christian doctrines. Also, it allows threads to be started by those who would want to still be identified as Christian with a particular belief that while not denying an essential is of such a nature that the discussion on that issue belongs in this section or for threads by persons who wish such a non-restricted discussion.

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The Nag Hammadi (Gnostic Christian AstroTheology)

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    All mainstream religions have an esoteric belief system, where just about everything is read in parables as well as the Nag Hammadi. But I believe there's a line between allegory and literalism. In a gnostic sense the Archons also represent the planets. Those planets in ancient times were referred to as the "gods" as we see in roman mythology and greek mythology connection. Indigenous shamans would call them Gatekeepers of reality. Is anyone is familiar with esoteric yoga and the nerve-plexuses chakra system? Each chakra is associated with each of the 7 planets and their respective zodiac signs. The physical realm is known as the first gate also associated with the root chakra (physical aspects of our being). We can go on for days, but let me just post this for you guys.

    I found this interesting article on a conversation between someone and a Djinn. They funny thing is the information in there falls perfectly in line with Carlos Castaneda's books. Either someone's talking out their butt and just mimicking his works, or they had this real experience, or they're nuts.

    HW: Are those the ones that the Gnostikoi called the archons?

    (I used the Greek term for the Gnostics.)

    J: Oh… so you know about them… (The Jinn’s field brightened reflecting excitement.) The archons are not true spirits. They are mind beings, mental entities many of who were created by humans as thought-forms. Many of these function as attachments… as mental parasites.

    HW: How do they do that?

    J: They feed on the energy… on the attention paid to them by humans. This includes the energy generated by human belief systems. But they are not true spirits and they will cease to exist if nobody pays attention to them any more. The ones you call ‘the archons’ are those that we call ‘the deceivers,’ and like us they are not creative. But they can mimic and they can take on forms in response to human belief systems.”
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