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Solomon Spalding and Sidney Rigdon - New Facts Come to Light

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  • Solomon Spalding and Sidney Rigdon - New Facts Come to Light

    For years and years the Mormon Church has denied that Sidney Rigdon resided in Pittsburgh, PA, during the time that Solomon Spalding's "Manuscript Found" was in the Patterson Print Shop. Spalding had become a broken man. His business ventures had failed. His family was in poverty. His last hope was getting a printer to publish his novel, "Manuscript Found," which dealt with the Indian tribes and their relationship to the "lost" tribes of Israel. Finally the Patterson print shop said they would print it if Spalding met certain requests. However, Mr. Spalding died before he was able to do so, and the manuscript had come up missing. Many have suggested that none other than Sidney Rigdon, Joseph Smith's right hand man and former Baptist and Campbellite preacher, had stolen the manuscript, modified it, and that this modification was delivered to Smith by Oliver Cowdery (Joseph Smith's 2nd cousin), and was fashioned into the Book of Mormon.

    Mormons have long laughed at this theory and contended that Rigdon didn't meet Joseph Smith until 1830, and in any case never resided in Pittsburgh before that date and would not have had access to the manuscript in question. For years this challenge to the theory stood the test of time, but recently new evidence has come forth. Apparently, Sidney Rigdon and Solomon Spalding shared a post office (prior to 1830) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Here is the evidence:

    I have always thought that Rigdon was the instigator of the Book of Mormon, and used Joe Smith as his front man. Smith was a charmer, charismatic, and a classic snake oil salesman. Besides, I believe that Smith was most likely sociopathic - without a normally functioning conscience, and this enabled him to lie well and deceive many. For years Smith and Rigdon had a tenuous relationship in the cult - and each vied for ultimate authority. Joe won, and gradually Rigdon lost his influence over Smith. In the end, Young booted Rigdon from the Mormon cult and took over leadership after Smith's death. Rigdon ended up a minor cult leader in Pennsylvania, and used to "channel" (supposedly) Phineas, the grandson of Aaron (in other words, he practiced spiritism). Today the Bickertonite Mormons are his chief legacy.

    I recently read the most recent edition of "Who Really Wrote the Book of Mormon, the Sidney Rigdon Enigma." It's packed full of a lot more information than the first edition, and pretty well gives a sound, thought-out theory on the Rigdon/Cowdery/Smith connection and the use of the Spalding manuscript.
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    The first to state his case seems right until another comes and cross-examines him.


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      Don't expect a response from any Mormons Cow Poke. They just want to keep silent and hope it all goes away.


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