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This forum is a debate area to discuss issues pertaining to the LDS - Mormons. This forum is generally for theists only, and is generaly not the area for debate between atheists and theists. Non-theists may not post here without first obtaining permission from the moderator of this forum. Granting of such permission is subject to Moderator discretion - and may be revoked if the Moderator feels that the poster is not keeping with the spirit of the World Religions Department.

Due to the sensitive nature of the LDS Temple Ceremonies to our LDS posters, we do not allow posting exact text of the temple rituals, articles describing older versions of the ceremony, or links that provide the same information. However discussion of generalities of the ceremony are not off limits. If in doubt, PM the area mod or an Admin

Non-theists are welcome to discuss and debate these issues in the Apologetics 301 forum without such restrictions.

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    Originally posted by seven7up View Post
    The idea that motherhood and being a "stay at home mom" is under attack by modern society should be a well known concept even in Evangelical Christianity, where many of you hail from.

    The fact that you all would stoop to the level of mocking motherhood in that way in an attempt to mock Mormonism (and the idea of a Heavenly mother) simply shows me how bent you are against my religion. Why waste my time talking to people like that?

    I wasn't mocking motherhood. I was mocking the idea that in Mormonism, you claim to have an eternal mother that you know nothing about, who doesn't seem to do anything but pop out babies. Real motherhood is nothing like what is portrayed by mormonism in regards to the "eternal mother" - nor in the way the early mormons treated their wives (plural) - basically as property and made them have to have a husband just to get into heaven. And to obey the man or be damned to destruction.

    But that is a side point. I was talking about how you like to play the victim whenever anyone says anything negative about Mormonism, instead of just defending your position. Exactly as you just did above. You took my attack on mormonism as an attack on motherhood and tried to play the victim yet again, trying to equate what mormonism teaches with traditional motherhood, as if I were attacking the American Way (R) instead of your goofy beliefs.


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