Was "Mother God" co-creater with the Father?

From an article in BYU Studies, examining the role of "Mother God", David L Paulsen and Martin Pulido examine the Church's doctrines and teachings to learn more about what the Church taught about "Mother God". Apparently, at some points, it was taught that "she" was "Co-creator" with the Father...

Source: BYU Studies

Co-creator with the Father
Regardless of the exact nature of her divinity, some authorities have described Heavenly Mother was an active participant in the process of creation. In his 1876 semiannual general conference address, Brigham Young included “eternal mothers” and “eternal daughters” as beings after the resurrection who will “be prepared to frame earth’s [sic] like unto ours and to people them in the same manner as we have been brought forth by our [heavenly] parents.”

The Women of Mormondom, written by critic and playwright Edward Tullidge and edited by Sister Eliza R. Snow, affirms that the “eternal Mother [is] the partner with the Father in the creation of worlds.”

An article in the Deseret News, presumably written by President Charles W. Penrose (editor of the Deseret News, later ordained an Apostle on July 7, 1904) argued that there is a Mother in Heaven and cited the feminine gender of the divine Spirit in the morning of creation that moved uponthe face of the waters as evidence.

Elder Milton R. Hunter (First Council of the Seventy, April 6, 1945–June 27, 1975) taught that the exaltation and endless lives that celestial women and men share include “the power to create or organize mortal worlds.”

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland (First Quorum of the Seventy, April 1, 1989–June 23, 1994) and his wife, Patricia, have taught that our Mother and our Father are involved in the ongoing process of creating everything around us, and “are doing so lovingly and carefully and masterfully".

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