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The meta-thread about the ex nihilo threads

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  • Kind Debater
    I'll just keep plugging away in my original thread.

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  • Bill the Cat
    I'm just about done with this topic. 7up does not understand middle knowledge, nor does he even try to account for it. And that is the central flaw in his thesis that ex nihilo creation does not allow for free will.

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  • Sparko
    The problem I see is that all of those points intersect each other at various places. There is no way to allow multiple people to participate in a thread without some wandering.

    Here is what I suggest KD...

    Start a Gym thread with you and 7up on whatever topic you want. Ask the moderator to create a comment thread for those who want to discuss the debate thread but only you and 7up can participate in the debate thread, one on one. And you and 7up cannot participate in the comment thread.

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  • Kind Debater
    started a topic The meta-thread about the ex nihilo threads

    The meta-thread about the ex nihilo threads

    Maybe those of us wanting to debate ex nihilo should just discuss how we want to go about it.

    7up, you seem to be wanting a smaller number of threads to follow, and to not have to make the same argument in five different posts?

    I mainly want to have a focused discussion so that I can keep up with it. 7up and Bill tend to respond to each other in these ten-foot-long posts that venture into about 462 side topics, and if I'm trying to respond to 7up in the same thread it gets unwieldy. I have to sort through pages and pages just to find the posts that were part of my discussion with 7up, and then if 7up (understandably not wanting to type the same thing over again) refers me to his post to Bill I have to sort through the ten pages of it and find the inch or so that's relevant.

    I've been the lone Christian posting in an atheist forum so I can sympathize with 7up trying to answer all us non-Mormons here for the most part singlehandedly. And I know I tend to bring up side topics too, even when I'm trying hard not to. So my suggestion is that we have threads dedicated to one single, specific topic with stricter moderation about going off-topic. For instance:
    • Could God have created Adam and Eve in such a way that they wouldn't sin?
    • Bible passages for/against ex nihilo
    • Definition of free will
    • Necessary conditions for free will
    • In ex nihilo, did God create evil?
    • Is God responsible for preventing evil?


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