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Non-theists are welcome to discuss and debate these issues in the Apologetics 301 forum without such restrictions.

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Top 10 Mormon Problems Explained

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  • Top 10 Mormon Problems Explained

    Top 10 Mormon Problems Explained

    While I was looking up some info for TRB's Christ in Ancient Americas - A Compelling Evidence of the BOM's Authenticity, I came across this link.

    This was sent to me by the lady my wife and I flew to Salt Lake City to meet, as she became a Christian, leaving the Mormon Church. She has become somewhat of a "missionary to the Mormons".

    The topics covered are:
    1. The Book of Abraham
    2. The First Vision
    3. The Book of Mormon Translation
    4. Book of Mormon Problems
    5. Authorship of Book of Mormon
    6. Blacks & the Priesthood
    7. Kinderhook Plates
    8. Polygamy
    9. Witnesses
    10. Temple

    (The change in volume of the speaker's voice is irritating, but the information is excellent)
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    I'm probably the only one who automatically thinks of the Toni Rossi Band when I see "TRB".
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      Smith is the first and biggest "problem" - he was so obviously a conman that I can't see how anyone believes that stuff. The bank scam alone proves that.


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