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Why Godís Identification as Male Is the Key to Understanding Lifeís Meaning

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  • Why Godís Identification as Male Is the Key to Understanding Lifeís Meaning

    I am always reading and looking for new information. A couple of weeks ago, I came across this article. The title definitely drew me in. Maybe out of curiosity. It is at the website (and there is a Facebook page too) called Biblical Gender Roles. Sounds quite interesting doesn't it?

    I'm reading along and everything appears honkey dorey. I read through and realized I was a bit detached and had to take another read through. After four or five read throughs (just to make sure I was understanding and processing what I was reading), I was dumbfounded.

    According to the website, the author (or authors as there really are no names attached to the articles) appear to take the position:
    • The Bible apparently makes a distinct difference between the gender roles and that woman was not created after God's image and likeness
    • Women are a weaker vessel because Man is God's image bearer only
    • Women are subjugated to the authority and demands of her husband and has no right of refusal (some articles advocate Biblical right to marital rape

    Well, I had to provide a response in three separate articles of my own to address the major problems.

    Oh, what is the article I am referencing? Why Godís Identification as Male Is the Key to Understanding Lifeís Meaning

    My responses - in three separate essays:
    Edited by a Moderator

    After reviewing the initial article (whether from a Christian or Mormon perspective) and then reviewing my responses - what are your thoughts with regard to the nature of creation of man and woman, gender roles, and how do you approach this subject from an apologetic perspective?

    And, how do you identify life meaning and purpose from an apologetic standpoint?

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