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LDS President Monson, dead at 90

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    Originally posted by One Bad Pig View Post
    Are there any exceptions for poor health?
    So far no one has refused so I don't know. They've all worked until the day they died.
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      There were enough members angry about the NYT obit that the NYT published an explanation of what an obit is.


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        I would think that church members would be proud of their leader standing up for what he considered right, and should be proud that it was part of his obituary.

        People signing the petition for the Times to rewrite the obit makes it look like they don't agree with the stand he took, which doesn't make sense to me. Isn't the leader of the Mormon church supposed to be infallible?

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          The petitioners are proud of President Monson; they are upset the newspaper was criticizing the church in the way it described church policies of the last ten years.


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            Originally posted by just Johnna View Post
            There were enough members angry about the NYT obit that the NYT published an explanation of what an obit is.
            Monson didn't really do a much during his term as prophet I don't believe he ever prophesied at all. He was sort of a "fill in." Nelson, today is more pro-active, but seems to be somewhat "backwards looking." His attempt to eliminate the term "Mormon" will never fly, as it's too embedded in the American language. Let's face it, there hasn't been anyone who was a "Prophet" since Joseph Smith, and his record proves that he was a false prophet.


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