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The Eruv

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    Originally posted by Sparko View Post


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      Originally posted by One Bad Pig View Post
      Yet IIRC the test case in the Torah is someone picking up sticks on the Sabbath, which doesn't sound all that creative to me.

      Yep, that I'm clear on - it's just that, with your particular example, the prohibition is based on pagan worship practice (the ritual boiling of a kid in its mother's milk), and it's kind of difficult to accidentally worship something.
      SHAMOR (safeguard) is the Commandment to avoid violation of the negative precepts of the Shabbat.

      This is fulfilling the "safeguarding" aspects of Shabbat by refraining from 39 categories of "melacha" (creative activity), which the Jews had to perform on weekdays in order to build the Mishkan. Also refraining from other activities, which may be halachically permitted, but are not fitting or appropriate on this special day.

      Point - look at this picture within this post (hopefully - it came through) and tell me what the Jewish people are creating in the "Eruv"? A dwelling place - and like Nehemiah, the people are setting boundaries and guarding the Shabbath within the circumference. The point being made is that "what" your looking into and what your setting boundary's on when discussing the word "traveling". The way to avoid violating the Shabbath from going from public to a private sector (however) within the eruv - even though (in necessity) one should be able to move or maneuver around.

      There are many listed violations - prohibitions on the Shabbath, "traveling and carrying" is only a couple of them. The "idea" in the previous post is how "Nehemiah" (and according to the laws of Shabbath) had to guard the gates of Jerusalem - in order, to stop the merchants from entering, this being another. The reference within the book of Nehemiah was on the fact of avoiding God's wrath - did you think that you can "fence" that in? His wrath? or move around it? Nope. So, the other idea is on the word "rest" - actually, after God created the universe, we "creation - all of creation" entered God's rest, 7th day. When the Jewish people were released from their bondage they entered into "God's Rest - Shabbath". When Christ was born and God gave us a year of favor, all of creation (again) entered into God's rest, peace - Shalom.

      Luke 4: 18-19 to proclaim the Lordís year of favour.
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