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A Superbly Flawed Quran..

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  • There are scholarly materials available on the Net written by Dr.Shady H. Nasser from BRILL - a MUSLIM Quranic and manuscript historical-critical scholar, you can download these PDFs for free and/or pay for download. Excellent stuff that exposes the evolution of the Koran in contradiction of muslim propogandists' lame and false polemics claiming "perfect preservation of the Koran" -

    "The Second Canonization of the Quran" --

    "The Transmission of the Variant Readings of the Qurʾān" -

    Any objection from Muslims that textual sceptics and critics of the Quran are mostly non-Muslims who do not understand the Koran properly, are now soundly debunked and dismissed as not deserving any merit.

    The Quran and its transmission is shown to be not preserved properly at all and is an unreliable source of factual information to guide knowledge and faith.

    Enjoy all the excellent reading by this muslim Harvard scholar on the Quran's evolution & transmission! Most muslims are scared and apprehensive to critically study and appraise its textual and narrative history!

    Originally posted by Dan Zebiri View Post
    Even the well known Muslim intellectuals and researchers into “Koranic preservation” admit such a claim is rather impossible to prove factually and that “the standard narrative has holes in it.”

    This is the narrative of proper and ''perfect Koranic preservation.'' Which then turns out finally into a myth.

    Dr. Yasir Qadhi of Houston Texas, himself admits in his lectures that the Koran’s qiraats and ahruf have differences, not only in readings (recitings) but also in whole letters and words.

    Dr. Shady Hekmat Nasser is more straightforward in his lecture and admits that the readings / qiraats have different VOCABULARY, sentences, words structure and recitings. Such different vocabulary and words only mean differences in meanings in the same verses & passages.

    He also disclosed that during one of the stages of Koranic canonization, seven qiraats / styles were chosen arbitrarily from 40-50 different ones by ibn Mujahid in 936 A.D.

    Then, over 490 years later in 1429 AD, another three qiraats were further taken from the remaining unchosen styles by ibn al-Jazari who conducted the Koran’s third canonization. Making a total of TEN different qiraats/readings. Which one(s) of the above cherry-picked ones is/are actually, the authentic & original Koran “sent down to Muhamed”??

    Why were seven, and then ten chosen over the fifty pre-existing DIFFERENT readings & qiraats? Did ANY of these 2 canonizers follow a divine order or authenticated guidelines to select these 7, then 10 variant qiraats over the OTHER 40-plus to ensure real originality? What’s so special of these 10+ selected qiraat over the other 30-40 qiraat that did NOT get chosen?

    These points were brought to public attention by Dr.Shady Hekmat Nasser, a Muslim scholar at Harvard and NOT by a westener, non-muslim "kafir" or infidel in Muslims' eyes!


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