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The problem of fundamentalist Creationism in Islam

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  • shunyadragon
    Originally posted by rogue06 View Post
    I brought up ICR's connection to Harun Yahya and Turkish creationists that they kept denying existed
    Thank you for the reference, Very informative.

    Is ICR involved in South Korea?

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  • rogue06
    I brought up ICR's connection to Harun Yahya and Turkish creationists that they kept denying existed
    Originally posted by rogue06 View Post
    A totally different kind of example illustrating the total lack of honesty and integrity of the leading YEC organizations can be seen below.

    A few years back the leadership of the Institute for Creation Research (ICR) cozied up with a group run by the Turkish Holocaust denying criminal Harun Yahya (real name Adnan Oktar and widely known for his use of blackmail, extortion and threats of violence against opposition, use of cocaine, and encouraging a theocratic revolution) to form conferences in opposition to evolution. ICR got interested in Harun Yahya's group when they started publishing anti-evolution tracts and immediately wanted to help.

    When these connections were exposed by the Washington Post and others ICR did what any self-respecting group would do when caught red-handed. They lied through their teeth about the whole sordid affair. ICR went into full denial mode. When he was queried about past and present links with Yahya/Oktar, Bruce Wood, ICR's Public Information Officer, replied in part, "ICR has never cooperated with him... The primary reason for non-cooperative relationship is a distinctive in the beliefs of ICR and Mr. Oktar... We know of no such occurrence/relationship."

    That is a provable falsehood.

    ICR worked hand in glove with his "Bilim Arastirma Vakfi" (BAV - called the "Science Research Foundation" or SRF in English) on at least two occasions at creationist conferences in Turkey on April 4 and June 5, 1998[1].

    BAV's (a.k.a. SRF) website specifically noted ICR's contribution. Duane Gish, then Vice President of ICR, and David Menton, a member of ICR's Technical Advisory Board, made on-camera testimonials to BAV claiming to have aired their differences on religion (remember what Wood claimed[2]). Gish even states he hopes for collaboration with BAV.

    Their website quotes Gish as saying:

    "We certainly urge our colleges in America to cooperate with the SRF, this marvelous Foundation, in anyway possible."

    Dr. John Morris, ICR's President (and son of Henry Morris, the organization's founder and the Father of the modern creationist movement), gushed enthusiastically:
    "Let me recommend these young men to you, without any reservation... The men of the Science and Research Foundation are very bright individuals who have the ability to have an impact in Turkey."

    Here is a picture (sorry about the small size) of the speakers at one of the conferences (the second one) that they deny they attended along with a few characters from AnswersinGenesis (AiG) as well

    From left to right: Ibrahim Tuncer (BAV), John Morris (ICR), Edward Boudreaux (AiG), Duane Gish (ICR), Altug Berker (BAV), Carl Fliermans (AiG), David Menton (ICR), Edip Keha and Michael Girouard.

    Gish also spoke at the first one as well, and since the above image has Gish with his face buried in his hands, here's another picture from the conference

    After the irrefutable evidence that ICR (and AiG) surfaced one YEC apologist declared that they were they went there to try to bring the Muslims to Christ. But as John Morris made clear to the "Washington Post" they were there to assist their new allies oppose evolution, saying that
    "Why I'm so interested in seeing creationism succeed in Turkey is that evolution is an evil concept that has done such damage to society."

    That was their motivation not any attempt to evangelize. Although it is entirely possible they did try to turn them to Christ that would have been secondary. It was all about opposing evolution.

    While it is one thing to hop into bed with a group of Muslim extremists led by a criminal Muslim holocaust denier interested in starting a theocratic revolution in Turkey, the evidence that they cannot be trusted to tell the truth is demonstrated by the fact that they tried to lie their way out of it when knowledge of their association became known outside of YEC circles

    1. And BAV/SRF is right in the thick of Yahya's thuggish activities having been forced to pay fines to six professors that they harassed, threatened and slandered and are well known to use women to have sex with scholars and secretly video tape it and threaten to release the tapes if they didn't cooperate.

    2. "The primary reason for non-cooperative relationship is a distinctive in the beliefs of ICR and Mr. Oktar"

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  • The problem of fundamentalist Creationism in Islam

    Before 18th-19th fundamentalist Creationism was dominant in the Christian and Islamic world based on a plain reading of scripture. The Christian West the advances in science and the advent of the Age of Enlightenment has given the rise of the academic acceptance of science, and in moderate Christian churches, but in the fundamentalist Christian Churches literal Creationism remains dominante.

    Because of the Quran belief in a literal Pentateuch a literal interpretation of Genesis Creation remains the over whelmingly dominate view in Islam.

    Turkey was considered a growing moderate voice in Islam in recent history in government, science, and the separation of religion and state, but like to some degree in the Christian West the plain reading of the scripture leads to strong literal Creationism and there rejection of science, Despite reform movement the literal plan reading to scriptures remains a force that rejects science, and the separation of religion and state.

    I believe Turkey represents the trend to return to the plain reading and interpretation of ancient tribal scripture in Islam.



    © Copyright Original Source


    Following the 1980 Turkish coup d'tat, the military leadership and subsequent governments promoted Islamicism to promote national unity, which eventually included translation and distribution of materials from the US Institute for Creation Research and creationist high-school textbooks.[29] A survey published in 2008 found that about 25% of people in Turkey accepted evolution as an explanation for how life came to exist.[61] In 2008, Richard Dawkins' website was banned in Turkey;[62] the ban was lifted in July 2011.[63] As of 2009, creationism had become the government's official position on origins.[56] In 2009, the Turkish government agency Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TBİTAK), publisher of the popular Turkish science magazine Bilim ve Teknik (Science and Technology), was accused of stripping a cover story about the life and work of Charles Darwin from the March 2009 issue of the Council's publication just before it went to press. The planned portrait of Darwin for the magazine's cover was replaced and the editor of the magazine, iğdem Atakuman, claims that she was removed from her post.[64][65][66][67] Most of the Turkish population expressed support for the censorship.[68] In 2012, it was found that the government's internet content filter, designed to prevent the public having access to pornographic websites, also blocked the words 'evolution' and 'Darwin' on one mode of the filter.[69]

    In 2017, Turkey announced plans to end the teaching of evolution in Turkish schools, with chairman of the Board of Education, Alpaslan Durmuş, claiming it was too complicated and "controversial" a topic for students.

    © Copyright Original Source

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