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Origin of hijab in Islam

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    Originally posted by Cow Poke View Post

    So the old story ---- a guy robbed a jewelry store in the mall, and ordered the customers to empty their pockets, and get undressed - totally naked - and he would allow them to leave the store unharmed.
    All of the customers ran out of the store covering, as best they could, their private parts, except one man who covered his face.

    When asked why he didn't cover his private parts, he replied, "Well, I don't know about here, but where I come from, one is recognized by their face, not their private regions".

    The replies write themselves.

    I'm always still in trouble again

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      Originally posted by KingsGambit View Post
      The other day, someone on a friend's Facebook made a startling claim - that the origin of the hijab is that one of Mohammed's wives was recognized defecating outside, and the hijab was instituted to prevent a recurrence. I did some searching, which was somewhat uncomfortable with the search times, and mainly found a viral Reddit thread with thousands of upvotes (but without hard evidence, and that site's users are more than happy to upvote anything that criticizes religion). Is anyone aware of any hard evidence for or against this claim?
      This one sounds rather made up, or at the very least different Hadith have been conflated with each other. Mohammed had some rather strange things to say about bathroom habits*, women, and there was supposedly a scandal involving Aisha and a man at one point.

      *Like detailing the correct amount of stones to use when wiping your butt. I am so glad I didn't live in that era and location.


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        Originally posted by rogue06 View Post

        The replies write themselves.
        It is so hard not make certain comments for that one.


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