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Bahai and Evolution: Compatible, Conflicted, Confused, or What?

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  • shunyadragon
    I thought a more detailed response to the supposed controversy and confusion. The reason why there is no particular controversy nor confusion is because the foundation guidance in the Baha'i Faith deals with this. Yes there is healthy dialogue and discussion on the issues as cited by some.

    This unique foundation principle is described in the following by Abdul'baha. One question that is answered here specifically is; 'When are the Baha'i Writings literal and do not change, and how are the commentary about our physical existence in the writings considered. The moral laws of the Baha'i writings are immutable and will not change.

    "Now, all questions of morality contained in the spiritual, immutable law of every religion are logically right. If religion were contrary to logical reason then it would cease to be a religion and be merely a tradition. Religion and science are the two wings upon which man's intelligence can soar into the heights, with which the human soul can progress. It is not possible to fly with one wing alone! Should a man try to fly with the wing of religion alone he would quickly fall into the quagmire of superstition, whilst on the other hand, with the wing of science alone he would also make no progress, but fall into the despairing slough of materialism."

    Paris Talks, Pages 141-146: gr16

    It is the moral teaching that are immutable and absolute.

    Harmony of Science and Religion

    Another cause of dissension and disagreement is the fact that religion has been pronounced at variance with science. Between scientists and the followers of religion there has always been controversy and strife for the reason that the latter have proclaimed religion superior in authority to science and considered scientific announcement opposed to the teachings of religion. Baha'u'llah declared that religion is in complete harmony with science and reason. If religious belief and doctrine is at variance with reason, it proceeds from the limited mind of man and not from God; therefore, it is unworthy of belief and not deserving of attention; the heart finds no rest in it, and real faith is impossible. How can man believe that which he knows to be opposed to reason? Is this possible? Can the heart accept that which reason denies? Reason is the first faculty of man, and the religion of God is in harmony with it. Baha'u'llah has removed this form of dissension and discord from among mankind and reconciled science . . .

    The Promulgation of Universal Peace, Pages 228-235: gr9

    Among other principles of Baha'u'llah's teachings was the harmony of science and religion. Religion must stand the analysis of reason. It must agree with scientific fact and proof so that science will sanction religion and religion fortify science. Both are indissolubly welded and joined in reality. If statements and teachings of religion are found to be unreasonable and contrary to science, they are outcomes of superstition and imagination. . .

    The Promulgation of Universal Peace, Pages 172-176: gr9

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  • shunyadragon
    I do not know what you expect to achieve with a new thread, because I have responded completely in the previous thread concerning the foundation principles of the Baha'i Faith concerning how Baha'is view science and religion as opposed to Christianity and Islam. All I would likely do IF I participated would be to cut and past here my answers from the previous thread. I will add:

    Actually you do not need a new thread. I am a geologist with a good academic background in Biology. I endorse Methodological Naturalism. The purpose and function of all the sciences, particularly the basic sciences, is to research and gather knowledge of the nature of our physical existence independent of any religious presuppositions. The Baha'i principle of the 'Independent Investigation of Truth' reinforces this view.

    Knock yourself out, but do not expect anything different.

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  • Bahai and Evolution: Compatible, Conflicted, Confused, or What?

    This is a continuation of the thread "Islam and evolution" begun under World Religions and Islam by shunyadragon on November 30, 2014. Shunyadragon doesn't believe there is any conflict between what's been written by Bahais and evolution (see post #115 and thereafter). In posts #48 and #137, he said, "Based on the guidance of Baha'i scripture in Revelation the support for evolution is likewise 99%+" and "Contemporary Baha'is believe the scientific evolution is correct, and accepted today." I provided some links in post #120 suggesting that such an overwhelming consensus does not exist. I will follow with some specific examples.
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