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Here in the Philosophy forum we will talk about all the "why" questions. We'll have conversations about the way in which philosophy and theology and religion interact with each other. Metaphysics, ontology, origins, truth? They're all fair game so jump right in and have some fun! But nice!

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The Cosmic Rorschach Test

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  • The Cosmic Rorschach Test

    I was thinking this morning about stuff. What do you see?

    If the universe is expanding, but unevenly, non-uniformly...

    I wonder what shape this blob of space the form of?

    Is this space moving about? Like a monkey? Is it alive like a God?

    The theory of the era is that it's expanding.

    I have a new theory.

    Maybe it's not.

    Maybe it's just moving in certain places.

    The crook of the elbow, the turning of the head, the lying down.

    The monkey climbing trees.

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    No insult meant here, but that isn't a theory but rather wildly unevidenced speculation.

    I'm always still in trouble again

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    "Of course, human life begins at fertilization thatís not the argument." --Tassman


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        Originally posted by rogue06 View Post
        No insult meant here, but that isn't a theory but rather wildly unevidenced speculation.
        None taken.

        I'm just still musing the idea that maybe existence itself is somehow conscious. Or rather existence HAS consciousness and they are sorta the same thing. Because when we talk about existence, we are talking about a space in which that thing can exist. So what is this space exactly? It sure does exist. Is that the thing that was always here and self existent? Does that thing have a consciousness, or is itself somehow synonymous, some kind of Hypostatic Union? Is this thing consciousness. Sure it's not anthropomorphic, but what does that matter? Is this thing that I am referring to God? If it is, then it sure is a Trinity of Things : Existence, Consciousness, and Identity.


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          Several months ago, I started a thread on the notion of self existence, and I think the consensus was that any form of atheism or any form of theism begins with Self Existence. This is not an arbitrary premise either. This is something we observe: I exist. Stuff exists.

          I think that is something we could all agree on. Existence. All humanity, every one thinks, and therefore they are.

          Self existence is a truth. What self existed is the question.

          Why am I able to even think of such a question? Why am I able to think that something beyond me is even there? How can I perceive what is beyond me? I can't. But what I can do is conceptualize an abstraction, (and that is only a metaphor for something I do not know how to explain). What gives me that ability? Is that something that was deposited upon us randomly by evolution? .


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