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Naturalism 101 Guidelines

NONTHEISTS and hard agnostics only.

This forum is strictly for discussions and debates between nontheists and hard agnostics only. The topic range is for nontheist "in house" issues much like Theology201/Ecclesiology201 is for "in house" Christian/theist issues.

This area is not to be used to unfairly substantively rebut/discuss/criticize specific other members who cannot respond or defend. It also is not be used as a platform to simply stack arguments against theism with the intent that they cannot be responded to here, but interactions between different nontheist viewpoints is highly encouraged. Arguments simply directed towards rebutting or disproving theism should be posted in Apologetics 301.

Additionally, gratuitous blasphemy or mocking of Christians will not be sanctioned in this area. If you wish to mock, please do it where the mocked can respond. Please respect that this is a Christian-owned forum and do not abuse this area.

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    Originally posted by Whateverman View Post
    I would say that Christians generally don't worry the least about the consequences of not believing in the tenets of other religions, so if they're going to casually dismiss those other tenets, I can likewise dismiss theirs.
    Because Bobby did it, too? That's not a reason, it's an excuse.

    And more, in general, most Christians are fine with others following their own beliefs. Internet religious forums have a way of attracting the most absurd and least tolerant fringes. Ask me about posting on Ummah some time. A mod once threatened to ban me for insisting, contrary to a popular apologetic for his miraculous comprehension, that Muhammad wasn't actually the ignorant, backward hayseed the apologetic required him to be.

    And lastly, while there's a great deal to admire in a properly cherry-picked entrée assembled from the Christian ethos, I'd actively oppose holding up the worst of Christian behavior as a moral exemplar.

    I've heard some of these folks won't even consider an invitation to a gay wedding. And I'm not talking about the folks acting out of ignorance.

    I'm talking about people who know full well it'd be nothing short of fabulous.


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      Originally posted by Seeker View Post
      Thank you for the information. Even without sources, at a cursory glance, most of what you wrote seems to be true.
      More pointedly, it was also a refuse dump, and there's reason to believe the fires of hell were created for annihilation, not eternal torment.


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