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We've been reading Kierkegaard all wrong

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  • We've been reading Kierkegaard all wrong

    See above. He argues that too many people have been reading him under the lens of later thinkers like Sartre
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    Who is Sarte?


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      Maybe we should move it to the philosophy thread.


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        Originally posted by RBerman View Post
        Who is Sarte?
        French existentialist philosopher. (I misspelled his name)


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          This does seem more like a Philosophy thread. It would be helpful for you to summarize the interesting points you think the article makes. Otherwise you are asking other people to write at length on a complicated topic in which you yourself have invested nothing but a quick weblink.


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            Ok I think the main points are.
            K would agree with something like reformed epistemology.
            When K said faith contradicted reason , he didn't mean it contradicted logic or evidence , just that human beings had their faculties corrupted by sin and it was difficult to trust God because of that.
            K understood teh limits of human reason , but was not an existentialist is the mode of Sartre or other thinkers he was later associated with.


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              I believe Kierkegaard overstates the 'Natural Signs' evidence for God, particularly a Christian God. I consider it overwhelmingly neutral.
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              Hotspur: Why, so can I, or so can any man;
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