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    Originally posted by 3 Resurrections View Post
    Hi Paul,

    I don't go with the AD 33 year for the crucifixion just to match a mistaken Friday date for Christ's death. I go with this AD 33 date because it is consistent with every prophecy and historical event from scripture that intersects with AD 33 at some point. And there are several notable prophecies, which all intersect or align with this AD 33 year at some critical juncture.

    It sounds as if you might believe in a Wednesday crucifixion day with a Saturday resurrection just at sunset. If you do, that's my view also. We know by comparing the gospel accounts that Passover preparation day was followed by a "High Sabbath", then a weekday when the women could purchased and prepare the spices to anoint the body of Christ, after which they rested during a regular weekday Sabbath. Christ resurrected Himself just at evening as that weekday Sabbath ended and the first day of the week began (just as you noted with Jewish days beginning at sunset). This resulted in a literal 3 days and nights in the sepulchre, which satisfied Christ's own prediction about His death and burial. The first day of the week before dawn, after the "SabbathS" (PLURAL - Matthew 28:1 YLT), the women came to find that Christ had already left the tomb the night before.

    It doesn't bother me that some want to say that the AD 33 date for Christ's crucifixion would have been on a Friday. I believe they are wrong in assigning that week day to that event of that year. Calendar disparities are notorious for fouling up interpretations, so I try to go with the evidence in scripture alone and let the calendar-makers slug it out between themselves. We already know that the Seder Olam Jewish calendar dating has subtracted about 243 years from ancient history, just to erase the Daniel 9 prophecy that pointed directly to Jesus Christ as being the anointed Messiah. By this means, they switched the Daniel 9 fulfillment to Simon Bar Kokhba instead. So men are not above monkeying with the calendar if they have ulterior motives to do so. Add natural error into the mix, and I can well understand why Friday might be mistakenly assigned to the crucifixion day in AD 33.

    As far as the 474 BC date for the beginning of Artaxerxes I's co-regency with his father, this is confirmed by hieroglyphic records in Egypt, as well as Thucydides who wrote of Themistocles's coming to Artaxerxes I in Persia in the beginning year of his co-regency (474 BC). Ussher's "Annals of the World" is available to check out this information in the #1177 notes, the #1184 notes, and the #1228 notes.
    3 Resurrections,

    I hold a Thursday crucifixion. Jewish calendar date 3790 Nisan 15 [Julian date April 6, 30 AD], the day after the Passover Day per Mark 14:12-16 KJV. So because the 15th is a type of Jewish sabbath, Joseph had to wait until that day had ended in that following evening which was the Perperation Day before the weekly Sabbath, Mark 15:42-43 KJV. Use this Calendar Coverter tool to check dates:
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    . . . that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures: . . . -- 1 Corinthians 15:3-4 KJV

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