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This forum is open discussion between atheists and all theists to defend and debate their views on religion or non-religion. Please respect that this is a Christian-owned forum and refrain from gratuitous blasphemy. VERY wide leeway is given in range of expression and allowable behavior as compared to other areas of the forum, and moderation is not overly involved unless necessary. Please keep this in mind. Atheists who wish to interact with theists in a way that does not seek to undermine theistic faith may participate in the World Religions Department. Non-debate question and answers and mild and less confrontational discussions can take place in General Theistics.

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Ted Kirkpatrick and Animal Cruelty

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    Originally posted by whag View Post
    To be fair, seer pointed out there's a standard for calling it Christian, such as belief in bodily resurrection. If you meet that standard, then Jesus, the holder of the trademark, officially brands you with the trademark. According to Christianity, some people will go about using the trademark without permission.
    Ah, if that's what he meant, I agree.


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      Originally posted by One Bad Pig View Post
      Feel free to back up that assertion with fact.
      I have. Biology is defined as the science of life or living matter in all its forms and phenomena.

      I understand that, thanks.
      You obviously don’t if you need to ask "why" it came about”.

      I understand that as well. I'm interested in why a survival instinct would develop. As you're so fond of telling me, there is no 'purpose' in evolution. Survival is rather purposeful.
      Survival is not “rather purposeful”. Evolution takes the position that the human animal, like all other organisms, are temporary and accidental outcroppings of a directionless, purposeless process based upon ‘survival’ and ‘reproduction’.

      As usual, you're avoiding my question.
      You asked why Evolution “should predispose us toward cooperative behaviour”. The answer is that it demonstrably does. There's no "why".

      ... and you continue to do so.
      See above.

      That's probably the most likely basis given a materialistic worldview. However, given the paucity of evidence you're taking it as an article of faith.
      Nonsense, there’s considerable evidence. Instincts have evolved as innate, typically fixed patterns of behaviour in response to certain stimuli and as such are a well understood phenomena. What's your explanation?

      I understand that. I'm not arguing against that. I'm talking about how one putatively evolves into a social species.
      There's nothing "putative" about the existence of "social species"; it's demonstrably true. As for "how" it is well documented how we and many other creatures have evolved into given species, namely via favourable mutations and incremental changes over eons.

      Ah, well. If you can't answer my questions, respond by avoidance and poisoning the well. I can't wave away any evidence if you haven't presented any.
      You claim to be a creationist. What is the evidence to support your ‘goddidit’ explanation? Conversely, there’s a wealth of evidence supporting Evolution and Natural Selection.
      “He felt that his whole life was a kind of dream and he sometimes wondered whose it was and whether they were enjoying it.” - Douglas Adams.


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