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Adam and Eve were Homo Erectus?

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    Originally posted by eider View Post

    That reminds me slightly of the Islamic heaven, but without the dark eyed houris (spelling?) to serve the faithful.

    I rather liked the Mayan 'creation' story....

    In Mayan culture, Tepeu the maker and Gucumatz the feathered spirit created the world with their thoughts. They created beings to look after their creation. First, they made animals of the sky and land but needed a being that could properly communicate, so they made man. They made him out of clay, but he crumbled apart. Then, they tried making him out of wood but he was empty-headed and hearted. Finally, they made men out of corn, and these men were empathetic and intelligent.
    And bear in mind the importance of maize to that culture.

    I agree that many creation myths have an element of charm, although some can be a little gruesome.
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      Originally posted by eider View Post

      Wherever and however did you gather and retain all this knowledge?
      I think that you must be a University Professor.
      It's called furious Googling. She has a PhD.

      I'm always still in trouble again

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        Originally posted by tabibito View Post

        Adam and Eve being Homo Erectus presents no difficulty for Genesis, apart from the timing. But the timing cannot be squared with paleontology anyway.
        The Garden of Eden is Paradise - it never was on Earth.
        From the Baha'i writings, Abdu'l'-Baha, the first humans were homo sapiens beginning within the time frame of science Humans on the other hand are spiritually eternal. l:ife om Earth is /very ancient.

        Adam and Eve represent the first Revelation of the first humans to know God as Monotheistic.
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