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'Lord’s Prayer opening may be ‘problematic'

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  • Originally posted by Hypatia_Alexandria View Post
    I recall watching a documentary that showed just how badly the cast was treated [and paid] for those Carry On films. There are some classic moments though and my two favourites lines are from Williams as Citizen Camembert in Carry On Don't Lose Your Head" with his "Allez to Calais" and his "Infamy Infamy they've all got it in for me" as Julius Caesar from Carry on Cleo.

    The family has been dysfunctional for generations. The only person that married into it that showed some humanity was Diana. I was always struck by the footage of Charles aged around 5 waiting in line to shake his Mama's hand on her return from some globetrotting event and Diana on her return from some foreign visit rushing up to her two boys and engulfing them in her arms and hugging them. William used to be quite attractive when he was a teen/early twenties with a distinct look of his mother, but those Hanoverian genes have certainly kicked in.
    Well.......... a mess indeed. After Edward VIII (and those recent shocking reports) the whole history has been clouded, apart from Elizabeth who was outstanding. When World leaders were travelling out behind bullet resistant panels and glazing she was riding high on horseback in public, wearing bright colours. In the early reign her visit to Kenya was absolute gallantry. She was brave.....very brave.


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