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Mary's Room

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    Again, it's sort of difficult to be able to hold these concepts in mind for too long. You ever had that experience when you were a kid, and you'd say a word over and dog, dog, dog, dog

    then after a minute or two of doing that, it's like the physical sound of the word " dog" becomes becomes detached from the physical conception of a dog, and then there's a moments confusion while your mind re-orients itself? It's like the repetition of the word eventually overcomes all associated emotional inputs of the idea of dog, leaving the mind with nothing but a sound of a word. It's a weird inner experience.


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      Good Morning,

      Just a quick thought/question here, if anyone has the time and interest to comment:

      I understand that the point is not so much about qualia as it is that these private mental states (regardless of how multi dimensional these qualia states can get) cannot be reduced to physicalism. Hence dualism.

      Given physicalism though, there still exists two elements : the mental and physical. So you still have a dualism of sorts here. Or in other words, Monism (the alternative to dualism), is in and of itself... dualistic. Is this because it is held that with physicalism, one is a derivative of the other? As opposed to each of them being two separate substances? Because with emergence, everything would be of the same substance. Emergence (which seems necessary for physicalism) wouldn't give rise to an entirely different substance, but only a property.

      Regarding Mary's Room. There is something within me that doesn't fully buy it. Not about the truth regarding cartesian duality, but about the Mary's room analogy proving it. Something about it has a very similar qualia as the liars paradox.

      And speaking of qualia, there is a qualia of having that Christmas Spirit.


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        Originally posted by Machinist View Post

        And speaking of qualia, there is a qualia of having that Christmas Spirit.

        Atheism is the cult of death, the death of hope. The universe is doomed, you are doomed, the only thing that remains is to await your execution...


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