Why don't we choose our Bible experts the same way we choose our doctors and lawyers?

Previously, I have posted about the right methodology for reaching a good doctrinal base, required for correct obedience of God's instructions. I have also posted what is the desired result of this methodology, that it is to start believers off on the right road to acceptance by God, leading to a fulfilled life according to His plan.

It is obvious these are not the orthodox understandings of these issues. So are the results the same? Will holding either view lead to the same destination, like all roads leading to Rome? Are the revised views just of academic interest, indeed are maybe over complicating of similar, but simpler messages?

It's like asking if reading an instruction book for a power drill is the same as reading that for a blender. You are not going to get to do what you wanted to do. In this case, we have been reading instructions (wrongly!) for getting to heaven, when they are those needed for getting a job that is required for being able to fit-in, into the new earth.

So it seems it requires us to be careful to check how we get our information. If we have to do a medical procedure, we ensure our doctor is qualified and insured, so that we can be healed, or if the procedure fails, are covered for costs that are required to return to a previous quality of life.

If we have to face a lawsuit, we are careful to choose a lawyer who is qualified and covered for malpractice, so that if his advice is wrong, we can recover what we lost through compensation.

But what kind of protection do we have if we depend on Bible scholars for their advice on: what the desired result is, and how to achieve it, according to the Bible?


That's why, it's important to get the right information, and find out how to get it, either from persons, or from guidance found in the Bible itself.

So far, I have stated that the desired result is to get the job position of being God's guiding lights, gatherers, Subduers of Creation. We were authorised by God to tame creation, make it useful to God, like a Wrangler is hired to round up mustangs and make them fit for riding by the Ranch Owner.

We are either gathering or scattering, serving Him or mammon, for Him or against Him. Like Prof N T Wright teaches, let's not moralise our anthropology, believe the Fall led to an immoral humanity. It didn't, it resulted in a disenfranchised one, Adam made us impotent, robbed us of the ability to do a job.

And I have stated that the Way to start of on the right path to be Subduers of Creation is to receive the Holy Spirit, through trusting Jesus, as John the Baptist taught, as the Ephesians were reminded in Acts 19 by Paul. This view was received by asking for bread, and again as Wright teaches, we can't be passengers. We must go out everyday and collect manna, not wait for someone to do it for us: