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Discussion on matters of general mainstream evangelical Christian theology that do not fit within Theology 201. Have some spiritual gifts ceased today? Is the KJV the only viable translation for the church today? In what sense are the books of the bible inspired and what are those books? Church government? Modern day prophets and apostles?

This forum is primarily for Christians to discuss matters of Christian doctrine, and is not the area for debate between atheists (or those opposing orthodox Christianity) and Christians. Inquiring atheists (or sincere seekers/doubters/unorthodox) seeking only Christian participation and having demonstrated a manner that does not seek to undermine the orthodox Christian faith of others are also welcome, but must seek Moderator permission first. When defining “Christian” or "orthodox" for purposes of this section, we mean persons holding to the core essentials of the historic Christian faith such as the Trinity, the Creatorship of God, the virgin birth, the bodily resurrection of Christ, the atonement, the future bodily return of Christ, the future bodily resurrection of the just and the unjust, and the final judgment. Persons not holding to these core doctrines are welcome to participate in the Comparative Religions section without restriction, in Theology 201 as regards to the nature of God and salvation with limited restrictions, and in Christology for issues surrounding the person of Christ and the Trinity. Atheists are welcome to discuss and debate these issues in the Apologetics 301 forum without such restrictions.

Additionally and rarely, there may be some topics or lines of discussion that within the Moderator's discretion fall so outside the bounds of mainstream orthodox doctrine (in general Christian circles or in the TheologyWeb community) or that deny certain core values that are the Christian convictions of forum leadership that may be more appropriately placed within Unorthodox Theology 201. NO personal offense should be taken by such discretionary decision for none is intended. While inerrancy is NOT considered a requirement for posting in this section, a general respect for the Bible text and a respect for the inerrantist position of others is requested.

The Tweb rules apply here like they do everywhere at Tweb, if you haven't read them, now would be a good time.

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Random thoughts on Angels

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  • Random thoughts on Angels

    Me: So did it hurt?
    Girl: Did what hurt?
    Me: When you fell from heaven
    Girl: (rolls eyes and leaves)

    Me: Sigh. Rejected again...

    Me: Oh hey there. I'm Mrsticky005. As you can see I don't have much luck with the ladies. I'm sure you noticed that my cheesy pick up line probably doesn't help much. But have you ever actually thought about what this line means? Have you ever had some random thoughts...

    RANDOM THOUGHTS ON ANGELS! with your host Mrsticky005!

    Well to begin, Biblically speaking we know of one being who fell from heaven. That is of course Satan. Not very romantic, eh?
    But that's only the tip of the iceberg. Have you ever noticed how quite often we call attractive human females...angels?

    What's interesting about this. Is that Biblically speaking there are no mention of female angels. They are exclusively male.
    Now I hear you. Aren't angels genderless? I actually beg to differ. Angels are in fact male. This is very possibly proven in Genesis.

    This of course depends on who "The Sons of God" are in Genesis Chapter 6. But what if they are in fact...angels?
    If this is true then we have a case of angels procreating with females. Thus male and female. Thus male angels.

    Now of course if the Sons of God were angels and they took wives. It's quite probable that they did so through a human avatar. Specifically a male one. Since they had children with them this would indicate male and female. So even if we say angels in their angelic form do not have
    sexual organs. We can still say they are male because they have a masculine mindset.


    These angels saw human females as beautiful.
    This is a masculine trait.

    These angels took wives.
    Again a masculine trait.

    These angels had sex with human females.

    Of course I could be totally off since the Sons of God may not be angels at all.

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    Angels are spirit beings...they don't have reproductive abilities at all. We think of things from Heaven as always beautiful, so naturally, we would think an Angel would be beautiful as well...
    "What has the Church gained if it is popular, but there is no conviction, no repentance, no power?" - A.W. Tozer

    "... there are two parties in Washington, the stupid party and the evil party, who occasionally get together and do something both stupid and evil, and this is called bipartisanship." - Everett Dirksen


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      That particular passage is something that is very difficult to understand. Certainly from a mystical text standpoint it would create a good argument for some of the mythical gods and goddesses we hear about, considering this is ancient literature. I don't know why its there. I think some of the apocryphal literature better explains it. It also could reference or precursor why there are giants in the land of Canaan. Jubilees and Enoch give creedence to the Angel Theories. However, Jewish Scholars have an entirely different take. The real answer is we simply don't know
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