A very different question this time. Did Elihu give good counsel to Job or not? My intuitive reading is that yes he did with Job 36:5-12 or so seems prophetic of Jesus breaking the bondage of sin, along with the admittedly weak argument from silence since he was not rebuked along with Eliphaz and the two others. Nor did Job give a response arguing against him as he did with the other three "friends." My ESV study Bible indicated that commentators have wide and varied views on this topic. I am not very strong in my conviction that Elihu was speaking rightly, but I am convinced he considered himself to be speaking as a prophet, which is I think where the debate should center. If he was speaking as a prophet as I am inclined to believe, why is it listed separately from when God personally spoke, because if he was prophesying it would be the word of God anyways, right? I would appreciate views, and Scriptures would be handy.