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orthodox Christians only.

Discussion on matters of general mainstream evangelical Christian theology that do not fit within Theology 201. Have some spiritual gifts ceased today? Is the KJV the only viable translation for the church today? In what sense are the books of the bible inspired and what are those books? Church government? Modern day prophets and apostles?

This forum is primarily for Christians to discuss matters of Christian doctrine, and is not the area for debate between atheists (or those opposing orthodox Christianity) and Christians. Inquiring atheists (or sincere seekers/doubters/unorthodox) seeking only Christian participation and having demonstrated a manner that does not seek to undermine the orthodox Christian faith of others are also welcome, but must seek Moderator permission first. When defining “Christian” or "orthodox" for purposes of this section, we mean persons holding to the core essentials of the historic Christian faith such as the Trinity, the Creatorship of God, the virgin birth, the bodily resurrection of Christ, the atonement, the future bodily return of Christ, the future bodily resurrection of the just and the unjust, and the final judgment. Persons not holding to these core doctrines are welcome to participate in the Comparative Religions section without restriction, in Theology 201 as regards to the nature of God and salvation with limited restrictions, and in Christology for issues surrounding the person of Christ and the Trinity. Atheists are welcome to discuss and debate these issues in the Apologetics 301 forum without such restrictions.

Additionally and rarely, there may be some topics or lines of discussion that within the Moderator's discretion fall so outside the bounds of mainstream orthodox doctrine (in general Christian circles or in the TheologyWeb community) or that deny certain core values that are the Christian convictions of forum leadership that may be more appropriately placed within Unorthodox Theology 201. NO personal offense should be taken by such discretionary decision for none is intended. While inerrancy is NOT considered a requirement for posting in this section, a general respect for the Bible text and a respect for the inerrantist position of others is requested.

The Tweb rules apply here like they do everywhere at Tweb, if you haven't read them, now would be a good time.

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The Blood of Jesus

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    Originally posted by Thoughtful Monk View Post

    Hopefully, some of what we discuss helps people's faith. Otherwise, Tweb is just a big time waste that should go.
    We have our moments.
    The first to state his case seems right until another comes and cross-examines him.


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      Originally posted by Cow Poke View Post

      Been a long time since I've been in biology classes.
      Same here, but I've likely learned so much more about it by a couple of factors since then.

      I'm always still in trouble again

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        Originally posted by Cow Poke View Post

        How much of what we discuss on Tweb actually does improve anyone's faith?
        It's improved mine. I've reevaluated my stance on quite a number of issues based on discussions here.
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          Originally posted by One Bad Pig View Post
          It's improved mine. I've reevaluated my stance on quite a number of issues based on discussions here.
          I got quite an education in the Mormon forum, and that actually turned into a real life ministry for me and Mrs CP - we actually led several Mormons out of their cult and into following Christ.
          It's funny, though, how that appeared to be "for a season" --- for a time, there, I was constantly running into Mormons in real life and having opportunity to engage - but it's like that dried up and blew away.

          The first to state his case seems right until another comes and cross-examines him.


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            You never know when something is going to come up in the real world. Even in some of the Apologetics debates, especially pre-crash, some of the most interesting things would come up incidentally.

            Practical theology and Christian living is probably the most important topic for most Christians, more so than some of the more abstract issues. It's interesting to discuss issues like, say, the Filioque, but if you go to your average church, find the most godly, saintly member, they're almost certainly going to have no idea what you're talking about, and that's just fine. So personally I do like to try to push discussions toward practical implications, because we should be asking ourselves how we should be living in light of what we know.

            I will say that I've had a hard time understanding why, at some points in this site's history, there have been issues taken with whether discussing theology is a waste of time while spam threads end up being the most active on the site with those not being questioned..
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              Originally posted by Cow Poke View Post
              How different is the Blood of Jesus from human blood?
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                Originally posted by JacobMartinMertens View Post
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                Moderator Notice

                Jacob - first of all, welcome to Tweb

                Secondly -- be sure, BEFORE you post in a thread, that you look at the thread's guidelines at the top of the page.

                This one, for example, is only for orthodox Christians, and your faith tag says you are unorthodox.

                Posting in restricted areas can get you in trouble, and we don't want that.

                ***If you wish to take issue with this notice DO NOT do so in this thread.***
                Contact the forum moderator or an administrator in Private Message or email instead. If you feel you must publicly complain or whine, please take it to the Psychotherapy Room unless told otherwise.

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                The first to state his case seems right until another comes and cross-examines him.


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                  Originally posted by Sparko View Post

                  His DNA might be unique but I would think his blood would be perfectly human.

                  Half of a person's DNA comes from their father. I would think God had to just create that half miraculously.
                  Interesting. I wonder if He replicated Adam's DNA for that.
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                    Originally posted by One Bad Pig View Post
                    It's improved mine. I've reevaluated my stance on quite a number of issues based on discussions here.
                    Same. I'm sad that the discussions here nowadays are more politics oriented than theology.
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