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Discussion on matters of general mainstream evangelical Christian theology that do not fit within Theology 201. Have some spiritual gifts ceased today? Is the KJV the only viable translation for the church today? In what sense are the books of the bible inspired and what are those books? Church government? Modern day prophets and apostles?

This forum is primarily for Christians to discuss matters of Christian doctrine, and is not the area for debate between atheists (or those opposing orthodox Christianity) and Christians. Inquiring atheists (or sincere seekers/doubters/unorthodox) seeking only Christian participation and having demonstrated a manner that does not seek to undermine the orthodox Christian faith of others are also welcome, but must seek Moderator permission first. When defining “Christian” or "orthodox" for purposes of this section, we mean persons holding to the core essentials of the historic Christian faith such as the Trinity, the Creatorship of God, the virgin birth, the bodily resurrection of Christ, the atonement, the future bodily return of Christ, the future bodily resurrection of the just and the unjust, and the final judgment. Persons not holding to these core doctrines are welcome to participate in the Comparative Religions section without restriction, in Theology 201 as regards to the nature of God and salvation with limited restrictions, and in Christology for issues surrounding the person of Christ and the Trinity. Atheists are welcome to discuss and debate these issues in the Apologetics 301 forum without such restrictions.

Additionally and rarely, there may be some topics or lines of discussion that within the Moderator's discretion fall so outside the bounds of mainstream orthodox doctrine (in general Christian circles or in the TheologyWeb community) or that deny certain core values that are the Christian convictions of forum leadership that may be more appropriately placed within Unorthodox Theology 201. NO personal offense should be taken by such discretionary decision for none is intended. While inerrancy is NOT considered a requirement for posting in this section, a general respect for the Bible text and a respect for the inerrantist position of others is requested.

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End Times Preaching

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  • End Times Preaching

    Seems to me that there is an uptick in end-times preaching. Seems more popular with the televangelists I sample, and my church is doing Revelations. In one way, nothing wrong as we are called to watch for the Lord's return. Also, we are certainly closer to the end times than we were yesterday.

    Yet, I'm wondering if this is a response to what is happening in the world today. Are we thinking just because life is getting difficult, the end times are upon us? That doesn't seem right to me. Generally speaking, to me, the Bible teaches more that believers are to suffer rather than have comfortable lives. We've had it too good for too long and now we can't deal with the change. Since a lot of the end-times preachers I hear are also Pre-Tribulation rapture believers, it almost seems like escapism - don't worry, God will not let you suffer.

    Yes, I could probably make a case that we are in/approaching the end-times. But I've seen this song and dance before in my life so excuse me for being cautious or maybe even skeptical. I guess I would advocate more preaching on suffering and keeping your eyes upon Jesus than reasons we are in the end-times.

    Yes, times are not as comfortable as pre-Covid and certainly coming out of Covid is proving more difficult than surviving Covid. Is the correct response to preach end-times?
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    Jesus famously said that the poor would always be with us (Matthew 26:11). He probably could have added the same is true with End Times preachers.

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      There's no doubt our perception of things getting bad is significantly amplified like no other generation because of our communication technology. So as a result of our amplified perception of these bad things happening, the effects (how folks act and behave, etc.) are also going to be negatively amplified. That's what sets our generation apart IMO.

      As to this sentence:

      I guess I would advocate more preaching on suffering and keeping your eyes upon Jesus than reasons we are in the end-times.
      Those two things aren't mutually exclusive, or at least not supposed to be. In fact, they should be complementary. The point of teaching end times should be to spiritually and mentally prepare for the suffering that is to come. Of course, teaching the lie that the church will be taken out before the suffering begins is where the error comes in and is what renders that teaching impotent.
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