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This is where we come to delve into the biblical text. Theology is not our foremost thought, but we realize it is something that will be dealt with in nearly every conversation. Feel free to use the original languages to make your point (meaning Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic). This is an exegetical discussion area, so please limit topics to purely biblical ones.

This is not the section for debates between theists and atheists. While a theistic viewpoint is not required for discussion in this area, discussion does presuppose a respect for the integrity of the Biblical text (or the willingness to accept such a presupposition for discussion purposes) and a respect for the integrity of the faith of others and a lack of an agenda to undermine the faith of others.

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The Siege of Jericho

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  • The Siege of Jericho

    Not sure where to find this claim: that the army actually marched 13 times around Jericho the first six days and then 7 laps on the seventh day??????

    Is it something in the original language that could be interpreted that way?
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    This is a new one on me. Reading the account in Joshua 6 doesn't give me any way to come up with this.
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      New to me too. At this point it looks to me like a claim that the priests is marching separately from the army...still trying to figure out the argument (translated from Spanish )
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        All right...their idea seems to be that the priests did march separately from the army. Still don't get the numbers...yet. But it seems to me the army was always expected to follow the ark ... that's somewhere else in the scriptures...
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          First off, this came up in a discussion started by a friend who went to Mexico for ministry. Friend is excellent in dispelling common misconceptions like number of animals taken into Ark etc and in bringing up questions that Bible readers should know. Hence my surprise at this idea...friend is quite fluent in both English and Spanish of course.

          It seems the idea is indeed that the 7 priests marched around Jericho separately from the army. I'm not sure this is a right reading hence my question about the original language possibly allowing this idea...
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