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(Commentary Thread) Ruceeglaelsktinag: A Study in Applied Christian Theology of War

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  • Lie-detection and mind-reading would come into play yes... but it is important to note that the ballots in any particular nation might or might not be secret from the government of that nation, but they most certainly are NOT secret from the government of Ruceeglaelsktinag is also a very useful starting place. Of course, until they and unless Rucee actually has to use those records for the purpose of executing anyone who voted for the current administration*.

    *Yes, this is not completely straight forward in governments with more than one elected position. There are rules in place for handling that.


    • Thomas Maltuin: ok, so refresh my memory please
      are we in rucee at the moment
      is the orphanage in rucee

      Draco Dei: Uh... That is sorta a trick question.
      It is like asking "are we in America"? While standing in Iraq a month after they surrendered (either time around).
      Although it has been a lot more than a month.
      It is even more complicated than that perhaps: In that there isn't a great deal of Rucee presence (military or otherwise) in this nation.

      Thomas Maltuin: so it may be rucee territory but not technically what is thought of as rucee

      Draco Dei: Correct.

      Thomas M.: well, i thought i had an avenue, but it appears to still be a dead end
      I was going to ask why there were no human orphans, but now that would be obvious wouldn't it
      I want to continue, but i still don't know how

      Draco Dei: Town full of hobgoblins, mostly Hobgoblin orphans. No real surprise there.

      Thomas Maltuin: nope

      Draco Dei: Okay, let's try this...
      *** Draco Dei dumps a huge pile of maps in front of you. ***
      These are the maps of the entire Vedag.
      *** Draco Dei pulls out one. ***
      This it the overall map.
      It covers the entire Vedag.
      *** Draco Dei pulls out a book from the pile. ***
      Here is the index.
      There are various scales.
      There are various types of maps.
      Some show the roads.
      Some are blocked out in terms of the local's hostility.
      Some show natural resources.
      Some show racial and/or religious demographics)
      Some show terrain
      Draco Dei: Etc.
      Draco Dei:
      Draco Dei: So...
      Draco Dei: Where, to within a few hundred feet, are you going to put a castle?

      Thomas Maltuin: if i were the vedag?

      Draco Dei: Eh... let's leave the question of whether you are the Vedag or not undefined, at least for now...
      Since you don't actually know who built this castle necessarily.

      Thomas Maltuin: a high point near enough to rescources to survive / do well and yet far enough hopefullly from enemy lines to prevent ongoing barrage of attacks?
      Draco Dei: (I mean, if you have figured it out some how then that is fine, but if you haven't, then I'm not going to say.)
      Expand on "resources"?

      Thomas Maltuin: natural resources, coal, water, wood
      Draco Dei: You are thinking too small.

      Thomas Maltuin: I'm alway thinking to small
      not being pouty
      my brain focuses on small details to no end
      usually i can put stuff together better than this

      Draco Dei: For one thing, the concept of "Enemy Lines" is a very fluid thing in the lifetime of many castles... except ones that are nearly 100% successful in serving as deterrents so that they are never attacked.

      Thomas Maltuin: ok well, i'm not being accusatory, i'm being honest.
      if i'm to use the information you provided as a hint
      I'm clueless
      where would i put a castle
      based on racial demographics
      Thomas Maltuin: resources

      Draco Dei: I didn't feel accused, and I hope you don't feel accused either.

      Thomas Maltuin: not at all
      terrain, etc
      this just sounds like a question of "where on the map makes sense considering THESE criteria"
      which i thought i was answering ><

      Draco Dei: What criteria?

      Thomas Maltuin: the ones listed by the maps
      i mean, i'd want the castle to be accessible by roads i'd imagine, but perhaps that would also depend on my reasoning for building the castle or who i am

      Draco Dei: I never gave you any criteria. ;) I just gave you a bunch of information, and never specified which parts of it were relevant or not...

      Thomas Maltuin: right, i chose which i thought were relevant, but i'm missing the point

      Draco Dei: Okay, well...
      What are some possible reasons for building a castle?

      Thomas Maltuin: defense, government, or settlement
      if i were to build a castle
      it would be to :
      settle the land
      establish a place of government
      or to set up a defensive area
      the latter if we are talking less castle, more stronghold etc

      Draco Dei: How does a castle help do each of those things?

      Thomas Maltuin: protection, housing, storage, vantage

      Thomas Maltuin: do you use google hangouts?
      also, thought it might not be a bad idea to look into tabletop simulator for future campaigns

      Draco Dei: I do not use Google Hangouts.
      And... let's discuss tabletop simulators later. I've seen several, but there are problems with that.

      Thomas Maltuin: Ok


      • ForrestGump has let me know via Skype that he is departing from this game due to the demands of school.

        We could probably use a few more players... I don't think we have anyone on stand-by. Anyone know anyone who might be interested? Should I consider creating a re-recruiting post?
        Last edited by Draco Dei; 01-18-2016, 06:26 PM.


        • If we need more players, then it would be a good idea to have a recruiting thread, yeah.
          My Amazon Author page:


          • Much is happening on Skype regarding two potential additional players.


            • First draft of re-recruiting post for your consideration (also posted this on Skype a day or two ago, but since then have edited a small section which I have highlighted in red):
              Greetings. I’ve been running a D&D 3.5 game here for a few months, and I could use a few more players. I have problems with making my posts too long, so this time around I’m intentionally going to give TOO LITTLE information, which should serve as an introduction in and of itself to the most important thing required to be successful in my campaigns specifically:

              If you have a question: ASK IT! If, at any time, you do NOT have a question: BE THINKING OF ONE!

              The other thing required to be successful in ANY campaign in my experience is KEEPING UP. I expect people to check both threads at least once a day on average, and to post at least once a lweek regardless of if they have anything to say (a simple “I’m still here!” will do if all else fails). If there are personal emergencies I expect to be notified promptly. If there are finals exams or the like, I expect to be notified IN ADVANCE.

              So, that is what I expect of you. Now for one item regarding what this game IS NOT and two regarding what it IS:

              It IS NOT a game only for experienced roleplayers. If one has a philosophical/theological mindset (one of the reasons I’m doing this here rather than a different site I have used in the past), and/or a keen tactical mind, then one should do just fine.

              This IS a high philosophy game.

              The adventures will be designed, among other things, to serve as case studies of various levels of moral and ethical complexity to spark understanding and logical analysis. Note that I consider the “analysis” to be more important than the “understanding”. We already have a lot of players looking to “find middle paths”, and while that is a valid approach, I’d like to see a few more players who can seek out Truth and then stand by it without any sort of compromise. If something causes one to change one’s views then one has learned something, but to “go along to get along” is the path to moral failure IMHO. This isn't to say that comprehending WHY people do things, especially bad things doesn't have great value in determining the best path to an optimal final state of affairs.

              In a somewhat similar vein, this isn’t a “kick in the door” style game. You opponents will generally be intelligent, and experienced. Think of them as having read at least “The Evil Overlord’s List” if not “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu. You remember I said I have problems with making posts too long? Well, I don’t actually consider that a flaw for game-play USUALLY, only for recruiting. In my experience, the most costly errors of the players in my games fall into two categories:
              1. Missing out on one sentence out of a page-long (if printed) post. This is Play By Post. I recommend re-reading occasionally…
              2. Failing to ask a question. The same thinking style of mine that makes my games so much fun to play in also means you must MAKE NO ASSUMPTIONS, and ASK QUESTIONS!

              So… can anyone tell me some of the critical details I have intentionally left out of this introduction as a test to prospective players? ;)


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