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  • Tweeb Campaign Guidelines

    “Guidelines for Tweeb World”
    “How to Start Rolling on Your Game Threads”

    So… you’ve got a wicked awesome idea for a Table-Top RPG campaign you’d like your fellow Twebbers to take part in it? Awesome. Just follow these guidelines and you’ll be ready to go.

    ***Moderator’s Note: These Guidelines are Subject to Change and may be changed/updated at any time.
    Last Updated Feb. 8, 2014

    *Campaign Restrictions*

    1) No Evil-aligned characters/campaigns allowed. For Rule systems that don’t have alignment charts, this means you can’t play villainous characters or have campaigns where the Player-characters are villains. You can play flawed heroes, yes, but keep in mind… even the Punisher doesn’t murder innocent people.

    2) All Games must abide by the Theology Web Decorum. This means two things:
    a) On the GM's end, that means your NPCs words/deeds and the Campaign premise can’t violate decorum.
    b) On the players end, that means that what their characters say or do can’t violate decorum either.

    3) You can only run one campaign at a time. There may also be a limit to the number of games being run at a time.
    a) However, there will be certain games set up (ie, games for beginners) that will not count towards either limit. These will typically be run by a moderator and won’t last very long.

    4) Tweeb Moderators reserve the right to shut down any game at any time.

    *Getting Permission and Seeking Players*

    1) Send a PM to a moderator of this section with the following information
    a) The Type of Game you’re running (ie, D&D, Mutants and Masterminds, Cinematic Unisystem, Savage Worlds, etc)
    b) A synopsis of your campaign (Preferably spoiler-free. Just in case the mod wants to play too.)
    c) Whether you’re ready to start within 14 days of getting green-lighted, or you’re just Exploring for players (For the record, the 14 days isn’t static. If something comes up, just PM an area mod and let them know)

    2) Once given permission, you can start a thread in the Round Table. The title of the thread should have ‘LFG/Looking for Group’ or ‘Exploratory Thread,’ in the title, depending on whether you’re committing to play right away.

    3) Player Selection is at the GM's discretion, and your selections should be made known in the thread. Keep in mind that GMs who show obvious favoritism may be barred from running games.

    4) A campaign may have as many players as the GM allows, albeit their first campaign here is restricted to a maximum of five players. However, once the campaign has progressed, a GM can appeal to a mod to allow more players.

    *The Game is On!*
    1) Once you’re ready to start, you can start a thread in the Tweeb World Section entitled “Game Thread: *Name of Campaign* (Rule System).” It’s HIGHLY recommended you also start a Commentary Thread in the Round Table section.

    2) After the Game starts, only the GM and the selected players are permitted to post in said thread. Everyone else can post in the Commentary Thread.

    3) Game-related decisions are at the GM’s discretion. Theology Web Decorum-related violations are at the Tweeb World moderator’s discretion.

    The TL;DR version:
    1) PM an area Mod with a Request for Permission
    2) Once you get permission, make a Looking for Group/Exploratory Thread in the Round Table
    3) Pick players and let them know, indicating your choices in the thread.
    4) Once it’s time to start, make a Game Thread in the Tweeb Forum. The title should include “Game Thread” as well as the campaign’s title (ie, “Game Thread: Wrath of the Peacemonger”).
    5) We encourage a commentary thread to be started in the Round Table as well. The words, “Commentary Thread,” should be included in the title.
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