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Game Thread: Pest Control (D&D 3.5e), Continued!

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  • Originally posted by Carrikature View Post
    [Were you interested in doing 3.5e campaign? Enough people are busy that I can't run the one I had planned, but I'm going to try to start a smaller one if you're interested.]
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    • Originally posted by Chaotic Void View Post
      [GM's note: It kind of pains me to say this, because I hate ending campaigns prematurely, but would anyone object if we just ended this? It doesn't seem like there's much interest in it at this time- which is understandable, since it's tough to pick something back up after a long crash- and it'll give me a chance to prepare that Mutants and Masterminds campaign I want to run.]
      [Fine by me. I want to try out M&M..]
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