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Just found this on Facebook. It's pretty good.

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  • Just found this on Facebook. It's pretty good.

    If this is better off in another forum, please feel free to move it.

    After our daughter of fifteen was moved to tears from the speech of Gretha Thunberg yesterday, and became angry with our generation "who had been doing nothing for thirty years", we decided to help her to prevent what the girl on TV announced "massive eradication and the disappearance of entire ecosystems".

    So we are going to give our daughter a future again. And cool the planet four degrees. We do this as follows:
    From now on she will go to school on a bicycle, because bringing her by car costs fuel. Of course it will be winter soon and then she wants to go by bus, but as long as it is a diesel bus, that does not seem to be conducive to the Climate. Now, of course, she is asking for an electric bicycle, but we have shown her the devastation caused by nature as a result of the Lithium extraction, so it just becomes pedaling. Good for her, we used to cycle to school too.

    To get used to "getting rid of the gas" we have disconnected the radiator in her room. It is now dropping to twelve degrees in the evening, but it could sometimes freeze in the winter. In that case we have promised that she will receive an extra sweater, hat, tights and gloves.

    For the same reason we have agreed that from now on she only takes a cold shower. From now on she will wash clothes herself, with the washboard, because the washing machine is simply a power consumer and the tumble dryer even more. That is of course no longer possible.

    Speaking of the clothes that she now has are all synthetic, so made from petroleum. On Monday we therefore bring everything to the secondhand shop. We have found an eco store where only clothing is sold from unpainted and unbleached linen, wool and jute. We do not think that it looks good on her, even that she is going to be laughed at so colorless and without a bra, but that is what she has to pay for the benefit for The Climate. Cotton is out of the question, it comes from distant lands and pesticides are used for it.

    We just saw on her Instagram that she got pretty angry. This was not the intention. But later on at 7 p.m. we will turn off the WiFi and it will only switch on again tomorrow after dinner. In this way we save electricity, she is not bothered by electro-stress and she is totally isolated from the outside world, so that she can concentrate better on her homework. At eleven o'clock in the evening we take the power off, dark is really dark. That saves a lot of CO2.

    She is no longer going on winter sports. She is no longer going on any vacation, because our vacation destinations are practically inaccessible with a bicycle. Back to the CO2 emissions and footprint of your great-grandparents simply means that you also live like your great-grandparents and they never had a holiday or even a bicycle.

    We haven't talked about food yet. No CO2 imprint means no meat, no fish and no poultry, but also no meat substitutes based on soy (after all, that grows where rainforests used to be) and also no imported food, because that has a negative ecological effect. And absolutely no chocolate from Africa, no coffee from South America and no tea from Asia.

    Only Dutch potatoes, vegetables and fruit, therefore, and only from the cold soil, because greenhouses run on boilers, CO2 and artificial light. That is bad for The Climate. Bread is still possible, but butter, milk and eggs, cheese and yogurt, cottage cheese and cream come from chickens and cows and they emit CO2. No more margarine and nothing from the frying pan, because that fat is palm oil from plantations on Borneo where rain forests first grew. No ice creams in the summer. No wine. No soft drinks and no beer, these bubbles are CO2. She wanted to lose some pounds, well, that will work.

    We will also ban all plastic, because it comes from chemical factories. Everything made of steel and aluminum must also be removed. Have you ever seen what an energy such a blast furnace consumes or an aluminum smelter? And finally, she no longer receives makeup, soap, shampoo, cream, lotion, conditioner, toothpaste and medication, and the sanitary napkin is made of linen. Just like before.

    In this way we want to prevent mass extinction and the disappearance of entire ecosystems. For her.
    She believes in it.

    Perhaps little Greta, that angry, sad child, can do all these steps to save the planet and become an example to her generation!

    Securely anchored to the Rock amid every storm of trial, testing or tribulation.

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