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You've made it through the revolving doors and now you can mingle and mill about. If you feel like spamming, please head down the hall to the right to the RecRoom. But, if you'd like to meet people, chat about nothing in particular, you know...have polite conversation that doesn't seem to fit easily into any of the other rooms, this is the place!

The Lobby is not for serious debates, there are other areas for those types of conversations. It is more for relaxed chatting or discussing things that don't fit elsewhere. Politics, religion and philosophy have their own place on the site

But remember, always play by the rules: here
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Things are often far more complex than they appear.

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  • Things are often far more complex than they appear.

    I have seen a lot of crazy stuff this year and a lot of it was not true or only part of the story
    I am just as succeptable to lies and bias as anyone else.
    I want to help people. I honestly find that sometimes the same things that can make me happy can also make me sad. Tweb sometimes makes me sad. I have a lot of life ahead of me.