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Sparko, about your Steam Group Everquest 2 post...

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  • Sparko, about your Steam Group Everquest 2 post...

    I found the Steam Group link, clicked Join, but still can't reply so I figured I'd reply here. RumTumTugger and I actually played EQ2 together quite a bit back around 2007. It was fun and I'm pretty sure you'd like it (never played WoW so I'm not sure how it compares), but I had to quit when I couldn't afford the subscription fee anymore. I tried going back when it went F2P, but I couldn't handle the limitations. At the time free players were limited to humans and I think one type of elf and all of my favorite classes were behind a paywall. I've been doing some digging around and it seems that all classes are available, other than two that didn't even exist when I had a subscription, and all races are available, again, other than two that didn't even exist when I played.

    If you decide to give it a try my suggestion is to avoid guilds, at least until mid-game. I loved the guild I was in, I sometimes wonder what they're up to now, but they seemed obsessed with rushing me through the content. I didn't really have time to take in the lore or explore the surroundings. I never even had time to find out why Luclin, home of my Vah Shir beastlord in Everquest, was now a ring encircling Norrath and why not enough Vah Shir made it off of the moon to make it to EQ2, resulting in having to settle for the similar but significantly different Kerra.

    I got my main up to level 40 when I had to quit, which is much better than I did in the first EQ, but even though I spent two years stuck at level 14 with my main in the first EQ I enjoyed it more because those 14 levels didn't come from rushing through quests. They came from just wandering around, taking in the sights, exploring "forbidden" (for my level range) areas, joining pickup groups, and testing my mettle against every new foe I encountered (which is also why I languished at 14, because at that time when you died you lost XP, making it possible to go from level 14 down to level 12).

    So it's a great game if you take it at your own pace. If you let someone rush you through it it's going to be a grind and you'll feel like it's just a series of tasks to complete on a time limit. If you still have an interest in it let me know and I might even join you. Now that they've loosened the F2P restrictions and I can access all of the races and classes I had with my subscription I might recreate my high elf paladin, or even recreate the halfling druid I had in EQ1.
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    I went ahead and bought a world of warcraft subscription again and have been playing it for a little while now. I don't know why but I just like it better than EQ2. EQ2 just looks and feels so 'old' and I just can't seem to get into it. But maybe if we can get a group together and all start out at the same time and play through it might be fun. Rum Tum needs to get a new computer setup (or graphics card) before she can play again.


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