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"The Trees" an unfinished short story.

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  • "The Trees" an unfinished short story.

    One day an axeman wanted to clear the forest. But the axeman did not want to alarm the trees by using his hatchet, axe and saw so he went to the wizard for help. The wizard created three different potions; one which would charm the trees, a second which would wither the leaves and a third potion which would kill the trees and shared it with the axeman. The axeman said, “ It is safer to wither the leaves because killing the trees outright would cause the trees to unite and fight to save their lives.” The wizard replied, “As long as the forest gets cleared I don’t care how you do it.”
    There was trouble in the forest when the shorter Maple Tree’s leaves began to wither. The taller Oak’s leaves were doing fine as they were higher and able to soak in the sunlight. The axeman was unable to apply the withering potion to the taller trees although he tried by many different means. The axeman told the trees, “The sunlight is harming you but this potion will protect you”.
    The shorter maple trees happily bowed to the axesman to have his charmed lotion applied to their leaves and for a time their leaves began to flourish again. But this was because the axesman withdrew the withering potion for a time.
    The Maples told the Oaks “Our leaves are green again, you should bow to the axesman for the potion to protect you” but the Oaks just shake their heads.

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    The Oaks won’t bow to receive your potion.” The axesman told the wizard.
    “Then the Maples and vines will do our work for us.” The wizard replied. “In the night reapply the withering potion to the Maples and we shall see what will happen”
    In the morning when the Maples awoke they were alarmed to see their leaves withering again.
    “It is because the Oaks did not receive the potion that your leaves began to wither again.’ The axesman explained. “The potion will not fully work until all of the forest bows to me.”
    Now the vines had long been jealous of the mighty oaks and told the maples we will help save you. Seeing the maples and vines plan some Oaks began to argue amongst themselves to bow. And when the Oaks saw the maples pulling on the vines wrapped around their branches some foolish Oaks bowed of their own accord rather than fight.
    The wiser Oaks had learned from the birches that after bowing season after season some birches remained low, never to right themselves.


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      The Oaks with deep roots easily resisted being brought low by the attack. At their height the few remaining Blue Jays would take their acorns to distant lands. Some oaks whose roots weren’t deep enough began to be uprooted and rather than risk losing their lives bowed. However once bowed, the vines made sure they never righted themselves. Other oaks resisted until with a mighty cracking sound their trunks shattered. In death their acorns were flung wide beyond the reach of the axesman. Some fleeing forest creatures and squirrels gathered the acorns which would bring new oaks to life far away in distance lands.
      “The Maples and Oaks are divided and fighting against one another” The axesman told the wizard.
      “Once they realize our plan will they fight us?” The wizard asked. “They will no longer be able to unite and fight against us.” The axesman replied. “Even the forest creature are fleeing the forest.” “Then it is time for you to release the third lethal potion.” The wizard replied. “The forest must be cleared.”


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