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Ravi Zacharias? Say It Ain't So!

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    Originally posted by seer View Post

    What is wrong with these guys - was he ever really a Christian?
    Years ago he met with the Mormon church and Ravi was allowed to address them and Ravi's monologue was public. What Christian today could get away with that? What Ravi said raised concerns and at the time I said he wasn't a christian. When you can talk Christian and not get persecuted then maybe you aren't living godly. The Bible has a long history of false prophets in Israel's time and the people spoke well of the false prophets. What does the Bible say about friendship with the world? And Ravi was in the Mormon church. I say the same thing about the emergent church.

    My mother in law ran a plagiarism program on the computer for faculty in checking to catch cheaters at a Christian university.. Pastoral students were the worst. People have asked me to rent a room, set up chairs and talk to people so they could take people's money. I said, "no".

    The Bible never says to trust man and that includes pastors. I did research and came up with 4 or more pages on the subject.

    And the subject should start with Jesus saying let no man deceive you. How do you or I conduct ourselves in a way to not be deceived? It means we need to know the word. Many times I try to recreate a sermon and things learned in church. I don't always reach the same conclusion.

    I know people who speak the truth who cannot draw a crowd or start a church. My last pastor wouldn't give up control for others to get involved but at the same time he wasn't teaching us what we should know to be involved. When I go home every week and throw the notes out or if I ask people what they learn and can't get an answer, you've been taken advantage of.


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      I'm sorry to hear this. I don't know much about Ravi....I've heard him but wasn't my style I guess.
      Watch your links!


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        Those who were close to Ravi are writing in his defense here, just FYI...
        "What I pray of you is, to keep your eye upon Him, for that is everything. Do you say, 'How am I to keep my eye on Him?' I reply, keep your eye off everything else, and you will soon see Him. All depends on the eye of faith being kept on Him. How simple it is!" (J.B. Stoney)


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          Originally posted by lee_merrill View Post
          Those who were close to Ravi are writing in his defense here, just FYI...
          What a tragic mess.

          Reminds me of the controversy over CRI leadership in the wake of Walter Martin's death -- in tone, not in nature.
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