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Dropbox just got BETTER!!!!

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  • Dropbox just got BETTER!!!!

    Dropbox Pro, in particular just increased your standard cloud space to ONE TB!!!! ($99 a year)

    Several years ago, I got tired of trying to sync the data on my various computers, or figure out which is the most up to date copy, and collaborate with my secretary and staff members. I started using Dropbox, and it solved a number of problems.

    Then I reassinged my "My Data" on each of my computers to point to Dropbox, so I never have to copy stuff to a thumb drive to take it from home to work or wherever. This was particularly useful when I was going back to college (again) for a recertification. I just logged into my dropbox on the school's computer, and there was my data.

    I set up a dropbox account for my Church, then shared the relevant folders on MY dropbox, so my secretary could see only the folders I wanted her to see. I update my expense report in Excel, for example, and she accesses it to log the reimbursement. Works GREAT.

    And I work on my sermons at home, and I go to the Church Office, and there's the most current copy in my dropbox account.

    At home, I have a 1TB external drive that I use as my data drive, and it's essentially a mirror of my dropbox folder. It's backed up realtime by Carbonite, along with an image of my boot drive.

    This is FUN!!!!

    Source: Dropbox Promo

    We're excited to let you know that Dropbox Pro just got even better!

    What’s new with Dropbox Pro?
    • We're giving you 10x the space — for the same price. You'll have 1 TB of space for your photos, videos, docs, and any other files you want to keep safe in Dropbox.
    • With new sharing controls, we’re making it easier to manage access to the stuff you share. You can set passwords and expiration dates on your shared links and grant view-only access to shared folders.
    • Keeping your stuff safe is our top priority. For extra peace of mind, remote wipe lets you delete your Dropbox files off a lost or stolen device.
    Learn more about Pro changes

    We hope you enjoy your roomier, more powerful Dropbox!

    - The Dropbox Team

    © Copyright Original Source

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    I loved Dropbox right up to the time I ran past its 2.25GB storage limit. My Google Drive currently holds 4.45GB of an allowed 15GB.


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