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Weather apps or (preferably) browser extensions

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  • Weather apps or (preferably) browser extensions

    I love keeping track of weather. Back in the day, I ran three different browser extensions -- located in toolbars, status bar, and maybe the menu bar -- drawing data from three different sources. Over the years, one by one they crapped out. The last, Forecastfox, which drew data from AccuWeather, died a few days ago. I've learned that it had technically been illegal for some time, as its original creator had abandoned it, and those who later continued it and forked it, did so in violation of the terms of his licensing set-up.

    I've also been told that IBM and other big companies have bought up most of the weather forecasting companies and made their "APIs" much harder to access, with the goal of profiting from the forecasts rather than giving them away. An exception may be NOAA, but that has reportedly been seriously degraded by Obama and now Biden, to the point it is almost useless.

    Having said all that -- Does anyone know of good weather browser extensions or (less favorable) desktop apps (for Windows 7)? I'd even be willing to pay a modest fee if they're really good.

    I want current conditions, five-day forecast, and animated radar for my region.
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    I just want 'Mother Nature' to start paying attention to the weather forecast so that it knows what it's supposed to do.

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