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Fantasy Football (Brag)

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  • Fantasy Football (Brag)

    Yes, that's right. I am bragging. Me, who has never watched football. Me, who has never even considered fantasy football.


    I won.

    And tweb broke, so I couldn't brag.

    But now I can.

    I'm not here anymore.

  • #2
    I got fourth. For someone who's only watched Football twice in his life and never played Fantasy Football, that's not bad.
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      Bad last week of play for me.
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        Indeed. It was quite amazing to me how much sheer luck rules the day.
        I'm not here anymore.


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          I won a league with my friends. Because I have moral scruples about violating state gambling laws, though, they allow me to play for free without a chance of winning any money. But I have Dez Bryant and Marshawn Lynch to think for driving the bus.

          Next year I'm hoping there's a spot on here.
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