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Truuuue Loooooove...

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  • Truuuue Loooooove...

    25 years already? He STILL looks .... WOW!
    Watch your links!

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    His book was interesting.

    On Andre the Giant:

    "How are you doing, Andre?"

    "Last night wasn't so good, boss."

    "What happened?"

    "I drank 3 bottles of cognac and 12 bottles of wine."



    "I got a little tipsy."

    Oh, and look up the out-takes on Youtube.
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      Originally posted by DesertBerean View Post
      25 years already? He STILL looks .... WOW!
      Dependson when you catch him. He had a recurring guest role on Psych, and sometimes it was obvious he'd been hitting the tea and biscuits a bit hard.


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        That's right, he was on
        Watch your links!


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          He also did an episode of Leverage, and seemed a bit hefty then, too.

          But, regardless of how he looks, he seems very charming.....especially with the baby!

          Securely anchored to the Rock amid every storm of trial, testing or tribulation.


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            Originally posted by DesertBerean View Post
            25 years already? He STILL looks .... WOW!

            My sister got a picture with him at the Calgary Expo one year. She said he was still hot as ever.
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