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Your most despised Christmas songs.

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  • Your most despised Christmas songs.

    These are festive days for some indeed. However, there are some songs that, lets admit, brings out that inner Grinch.

    So I am curious.... which ones provoke ire in thee and why? For me:

    -Jingle Bells.

    GAAAAAAAHHHH, so monotonic, an insult to mine ears!

    -Feliz Navidad, by Josť Feliciano.

    The man is a wonderful musician, and makes beautiful boleros. But this.... hideousness from 44 years ago, marks a low point in his compositional skills. It is so lyrically repetitive, it's like he had to slash half of his I/Q just to utter those words.

    So let's spread the hate! Heheheheheheheheheheheh.

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    The BoneyM versions.
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      Originally posted by Raphael View Post
      The BoneyM versions.
      I was actually curious what that sounded like... oooh that was a mistake.... to quote Balin; "That's not a song, IT'S AN ABOMINATION!!!".

      Mary's boy and Feliz Navidad are the worst of the lot
      Ladino, Guatemalan, Hispanic, and Latin, but foremostly, Christian.
      As of the 1st of December, 2020, officially anointed as this:

      "Seinfeld had its Soup Nazi. Tweb has its Taco Nazi." - Rogue06 ,


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        That ridiculous "Christmas Shoes" song.

        As I said in a Forge post some years back:

        It doesn’t help that the entertainment is generally no less vapid than at other times of the year. If I had an option to banish one Christmas song from the radio airwaves, it would be that nauseating ditty by NewSong, “The Christmas Shoes,” with its sentimentality of convenience, and its Joel Osteen “God will find you a parking space” theology:

        I knew that God had sent that little boy
        To remind me just what Christmas is all about.

        Hum. So God is in the business of being a post-it note to compensate for your moral failures? You needed this as a reminder, when as a disciple you should have known “what Christmas is all about” long before this? And He was so busy with this that He forgot to feed the hungry and stuff like that? Yep. God the micromanager again.

        One of these days, I’ll have to write a parody of this song in which, the day after Christmas, the singer turns on the news to discover that the “little boy” was actually an adult criminal named Joe “Baby Face” Sheen, who later went out to sell those shoes to an undercover narc, hoping to buy some crack cocaine with the profits.

        It’s tempting. You don’t know HOW tempting.

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          I Saw Momma Kissing Santa Claus always bugged me.

          I'm always still in trouble again

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            Away in the Manger. Too kitsch and saccharine.


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              The Hippopotamus song.
              That's what
              - She

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                No Christmas song is worse than Sleigh Ride. (I'm pretty sure that belief was made dogma at the Council of Nicea or something.) Inventing words like "ring ting tingling?" What friends call to you with the salutation "Yoo-hoo?" This song is an abomination that must be stopped. We need to baptize the radio waves by cleansing them of this atrocity.
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                  Pornographic Christmas songs like Dashing Through the Snow.

                  I mean, come on... how else would they know her Fanny was Bright?
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                    Santa Baby. Just shut up already, please.
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                      My vote is in for Feliz Navidad.
                      Also All I want for Christmas is You.
                      And umm......Santa Baby is cute, but I really prefer the Original Version with Eartha Kitt. I don't like the remakes.
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                        I used to highly dislike the 12 Days of Christmas until I heard this version:

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                          Originally posted by Catholicity View Post
                          Santa Baby is cute
                          I'm sorry, but you're mistaken about this.


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                            Baby, it's Cold Outside has some creepy inferences to it. The whole idea of a guy keeping his girlfriend from leaving his house just sounds creepy.
                            If it weren't for the Resurrection of Jesus, we'd all be in DEEP TROUBLE!


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                              Anything with Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer in it. Rudolph did not exist in my early Christmas. When he joined the seasonal melee I never could accept him.
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