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Underground Music Scene - Split from Xtians thread

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    Originally posted by Pentecost View Post
    Right CP, you should probably split this, I'm not sure where to... Maybe the art gallery? Sorry we hijacked your thread.

    "Hardcore" means it uses certain punk core progressions and involves "screams," and often incorporates what is known as a "breakdown" a segment of the song that is a bit like every instrument doing a solo. The different cores are just variations upon that theme, post-hardcore is generic for whatever has come after in the same vein without being something else, metalcore is metal influenced hardcore, with deathcore being death metal influenced hardcore, electronicore is when synths are incorporated, and there are other less common, and even rediculous subgenres.

    That is roughly the same scene and it over laps in someplaces with pop-punk which is simply punk influenced by pop, and includes many of the so-called "emo" bands.

    What made it popular? Well, I think that people are less afraid to get into it because the culture is that even though we dance by hitting people sometimes, or shoving them, you pick up someone who goes down, I've heard too many frontmen preach about us all being in it together. Plus, now you can hear whatever tickles your fancy with a Google search.
    Thanks for the breakdown on what hardcore means today. Back in the day I think it had a simpler description. It was just a stripped down, faster, and maybe slightly heavier version of regular punk (which was already pretty stripped down and fast). Most bands then came from California, specifically LA. The Germs, Circle Jerks, Angry Samoans, etc. By the time it ventured out of LA proper and filtrated into Orange County with the second wave of punk, the sound changed, and became the focus, where's before that it just seemed to be one of many different styles of early punk in the region. By the time the late 80s rolled around, thrash metal was big in the skateboard community, and the styles seemed to naturally mesh with one another. Which is still kinda strange to me, because, in the mid and late 80s, I was a metal head, and metal heads didn't really get along with punks. As I understand it, around about the same time what they today call "Emo" came out of the DC punk scene. I guess it was called emo because it was supposed to be emotional punk. One of the supposedly main innovators of that sound were Fugazi (who I saw in 92 or 93 with Fifteen in Dayton). But Fugazi sounds nothing at all like what is called "Emo" today. Also around the same time all of that skatepunk got real popular. Bands like NOFX and Pennywise, and bands like that. I was never really into any of that stuff. Then pop-punk got big with Green Day and The Offspring after grunge got big, and totally couldn't stand that stuff. It was sort of like a second death for punk rock, in my opinion. That's pretty much where I stopped taking notice of whatever was popular outside of the Old School stuff. I joined in the military in 99, and when I got out in 2003, I noticed there were like a billion Hardcore, Emo, Pop-punk cross blends bands everywhere. Some of it I guess is pretty decent, but that Screamo stuff makes me feel like an old codger yelling at the kids to turn their music down.

    Your point does still stand so far as local bands go, at least to an extent. I've seen shows where I knew two bands and found three more that I like.
    That's good to hear!


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