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Air New Zealand's new safety video

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  • Air New Zealand's new safety video

    "If you can ever make any major religion look absolutely ludicrous, chances are you haven't understood it"
    -Ravi Zacharias, The New Age: A foreign bird with a local walk

    Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong.
    1 Corinthians 16:13

    "...he [Doherty] is no historian and he is not even conversant with the historical discussions of the very matters he wants to pontificate on."
    -Ben Witherington III

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    It's cute...
    Watch your links!


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      Say what? Kiwis have airplanes? Since when? I thought that the only way to reach them were those big old outrigger canoes. I guess you learn something new every day and since I've already done so I might as well go back to bed.

      I'm always still in trouble again

      "You're by far the worst poster on TWeb" and "TWeb's biggest liar" --starlight (the guy who says Stalin was a right-winger)
      "Of course, human life begins at fertilization thatís not the argument." --Tassman


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        That was sheer genius!

        I must admit, it was somewhat odd to hear the denizens of Middle-Earth sound like Kiwis, heheheheheh. Loved it though!
        Ladino, Guatemalan, Hispanic, and Latin, but foremostly, Christian.
        As of the 1st of December, 2020, officially anointed as this:

        "Seinfeld had its Soup Nazi. Tweb has its Taco Nazi." - Rogue06 ,


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