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Retro/Grade - The best $10 a gamer will spend

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  • Retro/Grade - The best $10 a gamer will spend

    Retro/Grade is a music game with gameplay mechanics not unlike Guitar Hero and yet it is not Guitar Hero. What is it? Only the most creative game I've ever played in a long time.

    The framing narrative is this - you are a spaceship firing lasers and rockets and dodging enemy attacks. What makes this a music game? Well, every time you fire at the correct time, you make notes and every time you dodge enemy attacks, the same happens. If you do it correctly, you'll produce amazing electronic music to satisfy the senses, and the sudden dull, tinny degradation in the quality of the music every time you fire at the incorrect time is punishment enough to do better. The visuals are gorgeous to boot, so it's not only your ears that will get pleasure. But that's not all.

    The game title is relevant to the gameplay mechanics itself. Instead of playing the game in linear fashion, you're actually going back in time. You see the rockets and lasers you fired coming *at* you and you must mash the space bar at the point in which it left your cannon muzzle while at the same time dodging enemy attacks coming from behind which in actuality know what? Just take a look at this video and you'll understand -

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    Yikes, the game was apparently a financial failure and drove the developer into an episode of mental anxiety -


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      Surprisingly neat. I surprisingly enjoyed Space Channel 5 Part 2. It's more like those rhythm dance games, but without visual cues of when to push the buttons. That makes it a log harder, that and the fact that the music doesn't always match up well with the cues either.

      The game is ridiculously silly too, and has really bad voice acting, even from Micheal Jackson. Hard not to laugh just watching some of the scenes. Not sure it's intended to be funny either, it just comes off as totally ridiculous to me.


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        Defense Grid 2 proves the theory that Microsoft's best people will inevitably be cast or cast themselves out (SEE ALSO: Gabe Newell, World's Greatest DBA.)

        The main thing about DG2 other than it's awesome level design and actually pretty well-done story is how ridiculously smooth the game engine is, even on lower-end systems, even when animating a zillion thingies at once and zooming in and rotating the map. That's real programming experience, polish, craft, and iteration right there.


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